Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it love..? (13)


At around 11 pm i decided to head back home, since enna warai uni bacher oo b3dain milchat fawazo. I got into my room, changed into my comfy PJ's and got into the washroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I stood infront of the mirror staring at my reflection. I was glowing, is it because of 6alal or........a7mad..?? i mean its obvious inna 6alal see's me as a cousin oo a7mad, well i really dont know . i guess i'll figure out bacher. god, im really nervous 3ala bacher....7adii. a7is madry y3ne fashla , no3e killish mo bf/gf kind of relationship...a9lan i was never envolved with any guy.....well, part of it was because i was head over heels over 6alal. oo ham lena my family moowayid open-minded y3ne 3ady oboy yithba7ny etha dara. aham shay sim3at ilbnaya ub my family oo thats how i've been raised.Bas a7mad seems like a sweet guy, y3ne laish la2. i trust him oo shakla m2adab, oo its better than waiting 3ala 6alal to love me, which he isnt planning on doing EVER, so he made clear. I smiled at the mirror, then got out and hopped into my bed.

The alarm rang, i turned and snoozed it and went back to sleep. I snoozed it for god knows how many times, i was soooo tierd. B3dain it rang again, bs this time it wasnt the alarm tune, it was my ringtone...

asma3ak kammil kalamik....b3d a7ibik aish gilt.....

I reached for my phone and answered without looking at the caller.

"emmm....aloo...." answered my sleepy voice.


"aloooo....." i attempted again.


it was a guys voice, 5araaa.....!!! my head sprung from the pillow and i looked with one eye open, in fear inna elle ekoon if bale it was..!!!!

A7MAD !!!!

"uh ee...umm hala a7mad...."


"la 3ady....5air fee shay...."

uffff this is soooo wierd.

"laa bs b3d 10 digayig ilmo7a'6ara oo kint na6rich bl cafeteria oo mabayantai fagilt a6aman 3alaich...."

"SHENO...b3d 3shr digayig ilmo7a'6ara....!!!" i looked at the clock on the wall oo it read 9:50am.

"ee laish entay wainich...."

"bilbait.....!!" i said as i hopped out of bed and picked out a dress from the closet.

"entay lail7een mo6al3a..!!! ashkara bite2a5arain..."

"laaa latgool...."

"enzain 3ayal yalla bsir3a 6il3ay....yimkin...yimkin etla7geen....bye..."

i didnt bother answering , i shut my phone, got into my dress, got into the bathroom and then ran to my car. On my way to the university, i tied my hair into a bun. when i got to uni, it was 10:25am. i ran to the class, bs when i got to the door i skidded to a stop. i opened the door alittle and peeked in, the dr was already teaching oo the room was packed with students. i scanned the room and caught a7mad, i waved to him. He looked up at me, then motioned for me to wait oo he went up. I couldnt see him 3adil, so i opened the door akthar, oo when i peeked in wala a7mad was talking to the dr with his arm on the dr's back, with the dr's back to the door. I quickly scurried to a seat, and then started giggling at the whole situation. A7mad turned and as soon as he saw me, he left he dr and sat back down. the dr looked at a7mad with a quizacle look then continued his lecture.

"laish ti2a5artai..." whispered a7mad.

"i over-slept...." i whispered back. a7mad looked at me for a while then when i looked back at him, he just smiled and turned his face. When the class was over, i headed out of class and soon realized that a7mad was behind me.

"shaklich filim elyoum....."

"ee adry mo9a7..." i giggled as i ran my hand over my kubba on my head.

"umm noora.....fa'6ya lena abe akalmich ib sha'3la...."

I looked at him, "ughhh ee y3ne, bs magdar at2a5ar lena 3indy milcha elyoum...."

"3indich milcha elyoum...."

"ee ....wild 5alti fawaz....."

"la7'6a ay fawaz...."

i stopped and saw how focused he was on what i was going to say, "fawaz ilflani..."

"fawaz wild 5altich..!!!"

"ughhh eee....laish et3arfa..."

"la2....y3ne bs o5oy wayid rabi3 ma3 fawaz bldiwaniya oo ma3zoom ohwa..."

"oo enta..."

"la2 lena ma7foofa mithil masima3t y3ne bs ahal, oo rab3a elle close ma3ahom...." he said as he stared away.

"7asafa...." i said.

"ee 7ada 7asafa..." he said and looked deep into my eyes. i grew uncomfortable and talked to break the silence.

"ummm...shkint tabe tgool...."

" giltich etha kintay mirtab6a wala la2 ..ams...hatha lena ana emmm....y3ne...entay 3ajbatny wayid 9ara7attan...."

i was speechless and i didnt know what to say, or if i should say anything, y3ne im not used to being in these kind of situations.

"oo abeena inkoon akthar mn bs friends...."

i know i said that i was speechless before, bs il7een im breathless too...



"oo entay....."

"a7mad....ana...awal marra .....y3ne madry shagool....9idamtny....."

" wala la2...."

"ana....lazim....." then my phone rang oo i jumped, "digeega shwy..."

I picked up the phone and it was fara7..

" cham.....laish makan arba3.....lama6ila3t.....5ala9....okay el7een yaya.....okay lat7ineen....bye...."
i shut the phone and looked back at a7mad,

"ughhh....lazim aroo7...sorry bs mit2a5ra 3ala my appointment...." i said and etha kan ib eedi inna i run away chan i ran.

I got into the car, took a deep breath and headed to the salon. I did my hair into waves, lena malait mn sha3re ilseeda...oo ni6art fara7 et5ali9 b3dain she came over at my place 3ashan nijhaz ma3ba3ath.

"ma3araft shagool....e5tiba9t..." i said as i applied my make-up.

"ambaaaaaaaaai mom9adga.....3ad 7ilo..."


fara7 gave me a sarcastic look b3dain continued applieing her make-up. It was 5:30 oo ana oo fara7 decided to start wearing our clothes. I put on my navy BCBG kneelenghted dress, that had puffed short sleeves and a flattering body cut. I put on my black Jimmy Choo heels and grabbed my classic chanel clutch.

"shlon shakle chethe 7ilo..." fara7 eyed me, then shuffled through my make-up and pulled a red lipstick,

"7i6ay hatha....shaklich wayid plain chethe ......oo 7ilo yi6la3 with the thick eyeliner elle 7a6ita.."

"okay....." i applied the red lipsticks oo showed it to fara7.

"abe aboosich...."


"your lips eshawgoon , shlon tiny and full with the red color..."

"wai3...entay oo tafkeerich.....hehhe"

Everything about me was a contrast. Yn3e the way the red lipstick contrasted my pale skin, the way the navy dress contrasted my black hair. I looked very vintage, with my wavy hair.
fara7 put on a pink dress and had her hair into a pony tail, shakilha kan cute..!

"yalla mishainaa..."

"ee yalla...."

6ila3na oo we headed to bait 5alti where the milcha was taking place. 9alat'hom wisee3a oo tkafy fa mafee moshkila, oo the food mithil masima3 is gonna be served bl7adee8a oo iljaw esa3id. Wi9alna hnaak oo lail7een ilnas maw9alaw bs e7na relatives fa re7na embacher 3ashan ham ensa3id 5alti shwy.

"noora.....mashalla 6al3a et'hableeen....!!!" cried 5alti (om fawaz) awal mashafatne.

"mashkoora moa7la minnich...."

"waaaaih e7na kibarna ...5ala9 ra7at 3alaina...dorkim entaw il7ilween" she said as she pinched my cheeks. she used to do that to me since i was a little girl. "aaaai mikyaji....adre bitgoleen kaifi..." she smiled and went away.

I laughed and headed over to my cousins and chitchatted with them. Bidaw ilnas eyoon, oo elmokan intiras mashalla killa family oo a couple of fawaz's close friends. oo a few moments later, my eye caught a man standing with my cousins oo my eyes were fixed on his back. When he turned shwy on the side, my heart beated faster....oo i knew who it was even in a crowded place i would spot him.


I looked away, and stepped outside to get some fresh air. 6ila3t barra oo 5athait mn the service lady a glass of water and i drowned it all up in several gulps. There were a few people outside bs yin3adon 3al a9abi3. People were still arriving , oo the valet guys were taking the cars and parking them for the people. Then came a black tinted range-rover and from it stepped a guy who looked so elegant in his dishdasha. He took the ticket from the valet guy and walked into the garden. He looked at me and smiled, i turned left and right bs he was smiling at me. I focused on him 3adil, oo he stopped infront of me,i gasped,


"A7mad...!!! eshga3d etsawe ehnee...."


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it love..? (12)


What the hell was that about....?!?

I stood there staring at my mobile trying to figure out what just happened. Why would a7mad suddenly call me oo asks me wether or not im single wala la2.....laykoon he has feelings towards me! i mean we have been really close during the past week or so bssss ughhh madry.....
y3ne he is attractive, funny, kind, smart, thoughtful oo kilshay oo enna he has feelings towards me...well, that would be perfect indeed.! i cant deny enna we have been spending time together around campus oo during classes bs could i possibly be more than a friend to him and otherwise.....

I saved the number in a7mad's name and went back inside , somewhat dazed with what just happened. He's the first number i have of a boy thats not related to me on my mobile. By me saving his number is it because i care about him, or possibly share the feelings he has towards me....???? Waaai bs la2,,, stop thinking about it...i'll find out from him soon.



"sheno btlibseen 7ag milchat fawaz bacher...."

"oooooo 9a7....ambai 7ada ra7 3an balee..!!! ughhh 3indy nafnoof ki7ly ma5thita mn BCBG oo wayid 7ilo oo elegant......shakle balbisa...."

"ayho.....eee eeeeeee 3arafta 7ilo hatha wayid. ana balbis ilnafnoof ilwardy elle fee a bow mn warra 3araftee....."

"ee 3arafta......"

"waaaaai 7adi mishta6a....!!!!! " she squeeled, " oooo.....feee boyyyyssss...." she winked at me.

I smiled at her, " yuma minnich..!!!!"

"hahahhaahha i cant wait.....!!"

"eee...oo ana b3d....i guess...." i said, bs all what came to mind was a7mad..a7mad and more a7mad....



la7a'6t noora ti6la3 barra oo 6awilat 3alama dashat mara thanya. Shakilha kan shwy im9a6il.....madry laish wayid ga3d ala7i'6 3alaiha halfatra. gi3adt ashrab chai oo atkalim m3 3yal 5wali 3n ilsho'3l, kora, bor9a......

"haaaa meta ilsafra ...." asked 5alood wild 5alti.

"bacher walla....wara ilmilcha rayi7 ilma6ar...."

"ufffff....ta3ab chethe...."

"ee b3d shasawy...sho'3ol....."

"enzain bacher ilmilcha feeha banat, ogaf 3indy 5al a'6abi6lik cham wa7da ....."

"laish galolik 7ayishne ga7a6 banat oo ana madry...."

"laaa bs 3ashan titzawaj y3ne...."

"oo enta laish matizawaj...."

"ana .....ban6ir sintain oo b3dain etshofne mitzawij inshalla......"

"eshma3na sintain y3ne....." i said and raised my eyebrows at him.

"y3ne....b3d ....latit'3aisham....." he said as he adjusted his collar.

"ahhhh y3ne im5al9 sho'3lik enta....."

"eee ....3abalik nafsik..."

"ha ha .....yuba bacher inshalla algale wa7da ti3jibny....5o ilwalda momga9ra et7oos 3ala ilbanat 3ashan et7a9ili marra...." i said as i looked at her ga3da ma3 5alati oo 7areem 5wali. Bas shafatne walla et2ashirle,

"6alaaaaal...ta3al yuma ta3aal...."

I smiled to her and got up and headed towards her. She scooted for me and i sat beside her oo 5alti (om noora).

"shoof....5altik etgoolik fee wa7da bint ilflani wayid 5oush bnaya ...oo betkoon mawjooda bacher, 3ad fatti7 3yoonik 3adil 3ashan etshoofha...."

" laaa oo ana bacher sheno mihnity bs ag3ad oo a5oziz bilbanat...."

" ee galik lail7een matizawaj oo ma7ad yi3jibik....."

i chuckled, "e9eer 5air...."

wala 5alti elthanya elle ga3da b3eed etgool, "6alal b3d sboo3 etha mashiftik 5a6ib yawailik....." she smiled. Wala she turns to the girls sitting on her left, " sim3aw bacher awal matshofoon bnaya etkoon 5osh wa7da oo ahalha 6aybeen seeda etgololina 3ashan enwareeha 6alal wild 5alatkom....okay....."

The girls all giggled, and fara7 laughed sarcastically, "haha ana shakle batzawaj oo 6alal lail7een..."

"entai meno ibya5thich..." i mused. She glared at me, then i saw noora. she was quiet the whole time, just listening silently. 7ada '3air 3an ilnoora ille kanat barra tawamsa3. i heard fara7 tell the girls about cham bnaya she knows, oo all the girls pitched in except for noora, who was sitting there smiling every now and then without voicing her oppinion in anything. Then fara7 turned to her and said,

"oo entay noora, fee a7ad et3arfeena nigdar ni56ibha 7ag 6alal bacher......"

i leaned in, and focused to listen to what noora has to say,

"emmm.....la2 ....."


"la2 y3ne bs elle a3rfhom bacher e7na.." she shrugged and the girls laughed, but noora only smiled.

"noora shfeech..." i heard fara7 say, as she leaned closer to noora. Noora saw her then leaned closer to fara7 she whispered something to her oo fara7 bagigat 3yoonha oo shafat noora, oo noora etgolaha "eeeee" b3dain ham raddaw tisasiraw , wala fara7 etgool, "hatha nafsa elle......" wala noora etsakit'ha oo ekamloon 7ache.

b3dain noora smiled to fara7 a lovely smile that shone from within, oo murmured something to fara7. Fara7 eshta6at oo galat............i focused again, bs chena sima3t 3adil, chena sim3at'ha she mouth

"a7mad..." to noora. Noora smiled at fara7 oo fara7 hugged noora as she said, "waaaaaaaai a5eeran..!!!"

Shga3deen e5arbo6oon.....

oo meno a7mad...?!?


I know it's short bs lena i'm busy oo i cant write more......;*

yalla el7een kabat back 2 studying ;p


Monday, April 27, 2009

Is it love..? (11)

Although i'm super busy bs i posted for u guys ;*********

dedicated to R;** smiiiiiiileeeeeee ;)))))))))

oo person oo 3a9aya oo chanel.....(meta no9al);p



mamidane agool thalath ella 6arat elbnaya oo gamat tirki'6..!!!!

"'3ashashaaaaa...." giltlaha bs abad..wala owgafat bs kamilat raki'6 oo mayta mn ilthi7ik. 6ab3an kint agdar a9bogha lena my legs are longer than hers, bs i enjoyed seeing her laughing and running like we used to do years ago. sh3arha kan mo9ij shlon aswad oo ga3id yilma3 as it bounced when she was running. shwy wala her shoe yinfi9i5 oo tamshe b3dain estaw3ibat oo rij3atlaa oo etshoofne et5af la9bugha. Wala asari3 oo we9alt 3indaha oo i stuck my toungue out as i continued running. makint agdar arki'6 saree3 lena labis dishdasha oo '3itra 3ala rasi bs i won...!!!

Wi9alt 3nd ilbab oo eltifat wala ehya wagfa oo eedha 3ala galbha oo maita mn ilthi7ik...

"ambaaaaaiii......waaaaai mnziman marika'6t chethe....."

"eshda3waaa...." i said as i breathed heavily.

"ee wallah et9adig....hehe"

wigaft oo gi3adt a3adil '3itriti bl jaam mal ilbab oo ana mibtisim. "6a3 sh3rich shlon kisha..."

"9ij....wain...??" she said and stood by me to look at her hair in the reflection of the glass door. Our arms brushed eachother slightly bs when i looked at noora she was busy adjusting her hair.

"5ala9 yuba...ma9arat sha3ar....."

"mayiswa 3alai emfayrita.....ufffffff..." she said as she played with it...or i guess ga3da et3adla.
She looked at me, "chethe zain....."

"emmmm....la2 chethe a7san..." i said as i messed her hair up with my hand.

"6alaaaaaaaaal......ya maleee8.....!!!!!"

"hahahaha....yalla ana daash.....tsk tsk 3afasteele dishdashte...."


"5alateene arki'6 .....b3d sheno...."

"laaaaa mo chena enta elle gayil....."

"meta gilt.....?! basich 9owaree5 yabnaya......" i winked to her and went inside.

Ri7t gi3adt m3 ilriyayeel mara thanya oo b3d shwy wala noora etdish, oo tsalim oo youm shfatne wala a2asher 3ala '3itriti y3ne "sha3rich" ehya lasho3orean wala etjees sh3arha chan ath7ak wala she glares at me and went.


b3d shwy di5alt da5il oo salamt oo youm shift 6alal magidart mabtisim ib wayha, y3ne 9ij maynoon halwalad. oo ohwa b3d radle ilibtisama, mani gadra a9adig elle tawa 9ar, y3ne mnziman magi3adt oo solaft m3 6alal halkithir mn youm masafar. bs amra '3areeb halwalad y3ne mara maykalimne abad oo b3dain faj2a ekalimni oo yit'3ashmar nafs elyoum......e7tirt ma3aaa. bs 5ala9 mithil magilt i made my decision oo i'm going to move on mithil magilt. ri7t 7ag ilbanat ,


"hi wainich entay....."said fara7.

"kani....." i said with a goofy smile.

"laaaaaaaaaaa 7ilfay bs.......6awaltai...."

"ee kint barra m3 ilyahal b3dain dashait...." i said as i flashed them my nails.

"9irtay th7iyat'hom.....elmafroo'6 tin7ashain tara kil isboo3 ra7 e7enoon 3shan e7i6oolich nailpolish....."

"laaa 3ady eshawgoon......"

"ee ta3alay...6alal kan yis2al 3anich....."

"6alal....??" i said and looked at 6alal who was busy conversing with the guys.

"ee 3ady kan yis2al laish ta2a5artai...."

"ahhh okay......." i said and i felt my chest tingle.

why are you tingling....eshtabee your tingling...!!!!!! so what etha he asked about me......

Kina ga3deen sowalif oo kina 7adna fa9leen wala erin my phone.....


"Haw ra8am meno hatha......." i said as i picked up.



"eeee na3am, meno weyay......."




"la7'6a digeega shwy....." i said as i got up and stepped outside, away from the noise.

"asfa......meno weyay mara thanya....."

"e7m.....ana a7mad.....a3eed mara thanya"


"a7mad al-flani .....elle ma3ach bljam3a.....elle elyoum shiftee oo kisar 8alamich blclass...tabeene akamil wala bs"

"hehehe la.... a7maaaaaad.....hiiiiiii......."

"hala feeech......"

"mn wailik ra8me......"

"tigdereeen etgoleen i have my ways......"

" min9iji....."

"ooo ana b3d min9iji sheno y3ne agi9 3alaich......"

"waaaai a7mad....okay emmm tabe shay....."

"ughhh...la2...8a9de ee...."

"hehe shfeek tibal3amt....."

"la 3indi lich so2al oo latifhimeene '3ala6....."


'emmmm entay....."


"are you single....."



"y3ne are you in a relationship....?"


"y3ne youre single....."


"eee 9a7...."

shga3d e9eer.....


"noora please latgoleen shay, bs i got the answer that i wanted....."

"la7'6a what answer....shga3id etgool...."

" yalla gotta go....sayvai ra8me okay.....byeeeeeee....."



Luv ya.....:****


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too much...!!!

T3arfoon ilsho3oor ille min kithir ma3indikom sh'3l et7isoon
Enna raskom ibyinfijir....oo min kithir ma3alaikom '6a86 wedkom
etsawoon kilshay u can't lena ma9a5tooha...oo u have to
Get that thing done

Oo when u do actually start working on these stuff ur body eroo7 feeha oo it becomes
So exhausted elle u would just throw yourself on your bed and although u know you
Have to get up lena mako time bs your body refuses to move.....

That's exactly what I'm feeling right now....:'(((

I'm laying on the bed writing this post despite the malyon alf sha'3la
Elle I have to do...
Oo mara7 agoom ....
Lena simply...

Its tooooo much !!!!

waw thats soooo depressing....

love .....depressed kabat

p.s. tawa o5ooy dash 3alai il'3rfa oo threw me ice-cream tawa yayba oo egoole "think fast !!!!" ....oo guess what ....in7ithaf ib wayhe lena isti3aaby 9ofor ana elyoum...oo 7adi mgafla ...oo killish makan wagta bs he is sweet 7aram.....luv u bro;)

p.p.s. elle 7alta nafis 7alte erafi3 eeda
(as if agdar ashoof ;p)

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Zain xx

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is it love..?(10)

Elle magira part 9-b its posted fa read it incase u havent ;)

A hug to all my readers and commentors ;**




it's been 3 days since i last saw noora, oo ma3 enne mashoofha wayid gabil, kanat etmor ash'hor oo mashoofha bs a7is ene abe ashoofha el7een. Ehya wayid etyeena oo etzoor fara7 bs halcham youm mamarat killish. ya fara7 etroo7 3indaha aw e6il3oon ma3ba3ath. oo 9ara7attan asti7y kilshway as2al fara7 ..y3ne wain ga3deen. abe at6aman 3alaiha oo inshalla etkoon a7san mn a5er marra shift'ha feeha. Bs elyoum yam3atna ib bait yaditi fa akeed ra7 etkoon mawjoda.

Nizalt ta7at 7ag el'3ada oo elwalda emsawya 5osh m6abag...

"yalla 6alal 3ashan mayibrid elakil....." nadat elwalda oo eyha tinchib 7ag elwalid.

"wainik elyoum mashiftik blsharika....." si2al ilwalid.

"yait shwaya oo 6ila3t, laish fee shay....."

"ee b3d cham youm abeek etroo7 qatar itna'6im ilmo3amalat m3 elsharika 3ashan enwa8i3 3al contract oo n5ali9 ...."

"laish lail7een mawi8i3aw....." i said as i ate a spoon of rice.

"la2 oo 3ashan chethe abeek etroo7....."

"ee 5ala9 3ayal...."

"la7'6a meta ilsafra...lena milchat fawaz 3ogub bacher...."

"laaa bekoon mawjood bl milcha ohwa 6ayarta ilfayir...." answered ilwalid.

"ee ashwa 3ayal ...chood etlagee elle ti3jibik oo titzawaj...."

"eshda3wa yuma gilna tabeen etzawjeene bs 3ad mo chethe......"

"laaaa wee bil3ks bs 5ala9 abee ashoof mortik oo 3yalik...laimeta bin'6il chethe...."

"hehe...5ala9 yimkin ti3jibny wa7da bilmilcha meno yadry....."

B3d ma5ala9t '3adai, 9i3adt foug oo badalt 3ashan aroo7 iljym ma3 9a7by. ri7t iljym oo b3d sa3tain 6ila3t oo rija3t ilbait. 5athitle shower oo badalt 3ashan aroo7 bait yaditi. wi9lat ehnak bl thiman oo da5alt da5il oo salamt b3dain gi3adt sowalif ma3 elriyayeel. 6af ilwagt oo kilshwy ashoof etha noora ew9alat bs makanat mawjooda. 6arasht 7ag fara7 msg

1 msg sent

farah sis.


sent 8:45pm

1 msg rec.
kani ehnee oo ga3da ashoofik...ehstaby...;p

rec 8:47pm

6alait wala ashoofha ga3da ma3 banat 5alati ilbajyeen gmt oo ri7t 3indaha.

"salam banat...."

"hi 6alal....hala 6alal.....shlonik 6alal....." three of my cousins answered back.

"haaa wain noora 3ayal elyoum..." i asked fara7.

"mo7a'6arat'ha kanat mit2a5er elyoum fa namatlaha shwy oo el7een ehya yaya bil6ireej...laish"

"laa bs entaw ilarba3a 3ala6ool ma3ba3ath....okay 3ayal yala kamlaw 7ash....." i winked as i went outside. I went outside to the garden to wait for noora, oo menha al3ab shwy m3 elyahal kora. Kint ga3d al3ab m3 3yal 5alate el9'3ar oo kint al7aghom oo ohma yirkithoon mene oo ga3deen yi'67ikoon.

"li7gaw ilkora mo anaaa......7amad elkora jidamik....shoot.....moo ana ...hahahha...." i said as i ran oo ga'6ib dishdashte ib eede, y3ne shakle mobas kan mo'67ik. ri7t 3ind ywaisif oo shilta , "tis7ab '3itriti haaaaa ...ayal shay6an...." i said as i through him in the air and caught him again. I laughed, i just loved kids, shwy wala ashoof elbanat el9'3ar ma3 al3abhom ele3boon ib hodoo2 oo ohma ga3deen 3al 7asheesh, oo e7i6on mikyaj 7ag ba3a'6.

"6alal ...6alaaaaaaaaaaaal....." called my four year-old cousin, ilzain. "tabe nailpolish....."

"hehe la2 hatha mal banat....."

she clung to my leg,

"shwaya .....only one....pweeeeeeez...." shakilha kan 7ada eshawig,

" only wa7id okay....." she beamed at me and i went over to the girls oo gi3adt 3al grass.

"ay loun....." she said showing me a display of colors.

"hatha ilshaffaf 3ashan maybayin..." she picked it up and put my finger in her lap as she focused painting it. She kept giggling,


"9ob3ik kibeer......heheehhe...." she giggled. i looked at my finger and it was enormous comprared to hers.

As I was sitting there, I turned my head wala I see noora standing with a huge smile on her face. She looked at me and gave me a what-are-you-doing look. I just shrugged and smiled back, hnee wala the girls spot noora and drag her to put nailpolish for her too.
Noora's laughter was so sweet as the girls we're dragging her to sit on the grass.

"La2 nafnoofe yitdamar....ahhhh heheheheh" said noora as she sat on the grass. I looked at her and I couldn't help but laugh along. She had this white dress on and she has done somethng different with her hair 'cause it wasn't as straight as it noormally looks but she looked pretty nonetheless.

"Noora ana ga3idone oo labis dishdasha oo entay etgoleen nafnoofy...." I looked at her with sarcasim in my eyes.

She just gave me a look then started picking out a nailpolish color for them to paint.

"Hmmmm madry sheno a5tar ...5al as2al 6alal ...." She said and looked at me questiongly.

"eshchayfatne y3ne......" i said and raised one eyebrow at her.

"emmm madry, bs ele e5tarta 7ilo....."

"laish ebayin...!!!" i said as i examined my finger cautiously.

"laa2 maybayin...kint ga3da at'3ashmar..." she grinned at me, "okay 7i6eele mn ila7mar motdamreene......"

"hehe okay....." said ilzain and started painting noora's hand. Ana on the other hand, was enjoying the smooth texture of the finger that ilzain painted for me. I was enjoying my time with the girl's silly comments and noora's laughter and her silly retorts at mine. i was relieved to see her happy and most of all, beside me so i would know that she was okay.



Me and a7mad have gotten really close. In the classes we share together, he would sit next to me oo we would chatt along with eachother oo kashteen bilclass. He's funny i must admitt, and i feel comfortable around him. And when class finishes, we would go to the cafeteria and chat along the way,but we would part as soon as i grab my coffee 'cause i dont want the people enna yifihmoon '3ala6. These past days i've known alot about him, first of all he just transferred to the college which explains why i didnt remember him being in my class oo secondly, he's really friendly. I am glad to make him my friend. He is such a joy to be with.

When i came back from uni, i was exhausted and so i took a nap. When i woke up i quickly took a shower, curled my hair and wore a white dress and headed to my grandmother' s house. It's been 3 days since i've seen 6alal and i really miss him. i cant stop thinking about him, i mean i am kind of trying to get over him.....sort of but i do care about him. bs when i made the decision not to go to my aunts house when he is there, i meant it and thats why the past three days fara7 has been hanging out at my place or we would go out together. fara7 keeps asking me about the guy that i love but doesnt love me back bs i always refuse to answer her. Bs fara7 kept nagging oo i finally told her that it was a guy i have a class with at uni. She completely bought it, ashwa lena i would never want her to know that it's her brother that's causing all this commotion in my life. I ask about him 3ind fara7 bs in an undirect way, and i found out that he's comming to milchat fawaz. i bet he's at my grandmother's house right now and i'm really nervous, i mean i dont want to see him bs i cant, oo plus, fashla ashoofa after the PJ incident.

When i got to my grandma's house wala i spot 6alal sitting on the grass with alzain and the other girls painting his nails for him. I giggled to myself 3ala shlon kan shakla yahil. i cant believe he's letting them do this, he's 28 years old for crying out loud! i stood where i was and examined 6alal with a smile on my face thinking that he's gonna make a good father some day. And thats when he turned his face and saw me, i looked at him and saw how happy he was when he saw me. I didnt get why he is, but i chose to ignore it or think about it as he does.....bint 5alti/ sister smile.

The girls came up to me and dragged me to the grass to paint my nails for me. I chose red and they begun doing their job. I spotted 6alal examining his polished finger and i looked at him,

"3ajbik ilsho'3ol....."

He grinned and leaned towards me and whispered, " la2 ga3d a7awil a3rf shlon asheela ....."

"3mrik mara7 tsheela chthe lazim aceton aw another nail polish...."

He looked at me clearly confused with what i was saying. "b3dain agoolik...."

He nodded his head, and we both sat on the grass listening to the girls ramble about their make-up and beauty. My nails were all done perfectly, i kissed ilzain, joori, shoug and sara and 6alal helped me get up.

"thank you banaaat...bye.." i said as i waved to them.

"a7la princesses..." said 6alal to them, then me and 6alal walked away.

"noora...shrayich nitmasha shwy b3dain indish......iljaw 7ilo..."

I looked at him , i mean 6alal wants to walk with me ....laish..? "emmmm...okay...." i said and we went and sat on a bench, looking at the kids playing all over the garden.

"oo ya nisait...." i said as i pulled out a nailpolish that i grabbed with me on my way up.

"sheno hatha.....latgoleenle ennich bit7i6eenle b3d.." said 6alal with an agonized look on his face.

"hehe la2 ya ahbal....3ashan asheel ilnailpolish elle 3ala 9ob3ik..."


"6ab3an e9eer....ta3al yeeb 9ob3ik..." i took his finger and applied a coat of nailpolish on it then quickly wiped it away with tissue. "shift shlon......" i said as i looked at 6alal. Bs 6alal had this dazed expression on his face. "6alal...."

" chena fee b3d shwy hnee 3al6araf mashiltee...." he said as he showed it to me. i looked at him bs he was still looking at his finger, so i did the process again.

"kaa all done...."

"la2 ehnee fee manshal...."

There was nothing on his finger. why was i suddenly getting the feeling that he didnt want me to stop...???

"6alal..bala shi6ana mafee shay...." i said as i closed the nailpolish, then stared at the kids again. i dont know how long we sat there, oo kilshway a7iss enne 6alal begool shay bs youm ashoofa ekoon focused 3ala shay fa i turn my face and stare out again. "emmm ....yalla mishaina.."

" 5angoom...."

Although we didnt speak much, bs mit3awda y3ne my realtionship with 6alal is awkward and theres nothing i can do about it.Plus, just the thought that he wanted to sit outside with me is enough. i enjoyed spending time with him, sitting besides him and sharing a few comments about the kids and so on....

we laughed several times , joked too and i wouldnt want anything more.......nothing more.

We got up and as we walked 6alal suprised with with a question that was out of the blue.

"what....?!" i turned to him.

He looked at me with a devilish look in his eyes, "shfeech....ga3d agoolich t9abgeene lai elbab...."

"6alal enta mn9ijik...."

"laish shfeeha y3ne...."

" fashla...."

"fashla jidam meno....kila yahal 7awlaina....yala bala a3thar, tadreen enne bafooz..."

"la2 shako...."

"5ala9 3ayal ....yalla....?" he looked at me with gleam in his eyes.

"yalla...." i said with a competitive look in my eyes.


I sprung out and started running and heard 6alal behind me shout "'3ashashaaaa" i ignored him and ran as fast as i could and laughing like i never laughed before.


I wont be able to post the next few days lena i have tons of projects elle i left to the last minute (typical kabat style) fa el7een i have to work hard to get them done......hopefully..

Luv u ........


Is it love..? (9-B)

Elyoum ga3da imbacher madry laish (i love sleeping;p) oo i knw its 11:30ish bs still according to kabat this is early.....;p fa i'm sipping on my chai 7aleeb and decided to write part B for u guys.........





The hour was up, finally, and so i rushed myself out of class. I walked to the cafeteria to grab me some water before i headed to the car to start my shopping day with my mom. i stood in the cafeteria line waiting for my turn and looking around when i spotted a friend on mine.

"hiiiiiiiiiiii......." she said as we hugged eachother. "sh3indich al7een...."

"hiii.....ma3ndy shay raj3a elbait baroo7 atsawag m3 ommi...."

"alaaaa cool...7asafa 3ad i'm stuck with another class which issssss after 1 hour, oo madry shbasawe ...."

"wain daloul ...."

"ham 3indaha class....oh kahe ga3da etdig ...yalla see you..." she said and went away.

So i resumed my wait, finally 9ar dori oo i went to the counter.

"i'll only have a cold bottle of water..........."

"make that two....."

"wait let me check in the back if there is cold water........"

I turned to my side wala the parking lot guy kan 3indy and he flashed me a smile, i smiled back.

"thank you 3ala elyoum...."

"la 3ady you owe me one."

"hehe lati3timid 3alai 'cause i almost never pay attention...."

His eyes grew intense, "3ayal i'll take my chances....."

I looked at him not knowing what to say next, so i faced foreward again and thankfully the waiter brought the water.

"150fils maam...."

I dug into my purse for 5arda....

"5ala9 lata3been roo7ich....madfoo3 la...."

"laa please i cant ....ma7ib chethe..."

"la2 5ala9 halmarra 3alai....."

"umm okay.....thanks again i guess..." and i turned and headed out of the cafeteria.

"ummm noora...." i turned around and faced him.

"shlon t3arf isme......."

"lena ildoctor samach noora, wala 3indich isim thany oo ana madry..."

"oh its noora...."

"3ady nig3ad oo nishrab gahwa wala shay ma3ba3th ....hatha etha ma3ndch moshkila 6ab3an..."

"emmm la sorry bs i'm busy el7een....."

"la okay 3ayal....3ala ra7tich..."

"okay.....," i turned then turned back again, "ma3araftna 3ala ismik..."

"a7mad...a7mad al-flani...."

"nice meeting you a7mad....bye..." i said and went to the car. I got into the car and couldnt help but think about this a7mad guy. He seems like such a sweet guy bs i cant hang out with him, even if i were free . i mean its just not me, oo fashla...although i am openminded bs people ra7 yifhimoon '3ala6. I went home and picked my mom and headed to the avenues. I love the avenues in the morning, ekoon 9a55a oo 3ala kaifich titsawigain. First, me and my mom sat at Paul and ordered breakfast b3dain we started shopping.

"Yallaa noora 3ashan yamdene azahib il'3ada 7ag obouch...."

"laaaa b3d shwy....."

"gabil sa3a gilteele chethe....yalla mama lazim nirja3...."


"tadreen enna fawaz wil5altich al6af 5i6ab........"

"fawazo ma'3aira....ambai ya7laila......"

"ee milchita b3d cham youm 3ad ana ra7 3n bale agoolich....3indich nafnouf mo9a7...."

"eee laaa 3indy ......allah wanasa hatha elle kan e6igne oo e7na yahal kaho yabe yitzawaj...."

" elmilcha ra7 etkoon ma7foufa baintatna....y3ne ahal ilbnaya ehya et9eerla mn 9oub ahal oboo.. oo e7na ra7 enkoon mawjoodeen ma3 riyayeel lena ma7foufa..."

"awal marra 5al6.....'3areeba..."

"eee mota6alibat fawazo b3d mat3arfeena ooo dam enna ahal 3ady ...."

"hehe ya7laila...."

"eeee yalla elfal 7ag 6alal .... 3iyazna ma3a..."

"ahh ee....."

"wallah elle bta5tha betkoon 7adha ma7'6ou'6a elwalad th'haba ooo gala wayid 6ayib..."

"ee wayid..."

"yalla elle allah katba be9eer...ymkin eshoof wa7da bl milcha oo ti3jiba oo efikna"

"yimkin..." i said not wanting to think that this could happen.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it love..? (9-A)

This is part A, i'll post part B tomorrow....


"Haaaaaaaaai lati'67ak...ya malee8....!!" said fara7 to me as soon as we got into the car.

"entay law kintay shaifat'ha chan el7een ga3da ti'67ikeen ma3ay....."

"a9lan shift'ha oo kint foug ma3aha ya thaky.....oo i have the same ones falati6anaz raja2an....."

"okay okay.....ayshay wala bajayimkom..." fara7 just gave me a look. I was driving and had this goofy smile on my face everytime i recalled the way noora n7ashat oo ra7at foug. when i took a look at fara7, she was staring out of the window, deep in thought.

"eshda3wa chethe shaklich....."

"ga3da afakir...."

"hehe ib sheno bitlibseen 7ag eljam3a bacher..." i mused.

"la2....ib noora actually."

"ee 9a7 ....3araftai shfeeha, shilli m'6ayigha....."

"ehmmmmm.....maskeena halbnaya y3ne jad matistahal elle ga3d e9eer feeeha..."

I took a look at fara7. sheno momkin ekoon hakshay elle za3ij noora halkithir...?

"sheno ...laish shfeeha...." i said, suddenly alert.

"y3ne.....emm shay...."

I took a look at her, "care to elaborate y3ne....." i said motioning with my hand.

"eshtabe ...a9lan may9eer agoolik..."

"fara7, tadreen enne a3iz noora wayid,,, oo etha fe shay em'6ayigha lazim a3arfa. goleele oo aw3idich enne magool 7ag a7ad, bs y3ne yimkin asa3idha..."

"bs ana wi3adtha enne magool 7ag a7ad...."

"bs ana mo ay a7ad, oo ana 6ool 3mre a3rf noora fa 3ady gooleele...."

" la la 6alal magdar magdar, etha noora kanat tabeek et3rf chan galatlik. sorry bs 7atta law giltlik mara7 tifham, hal ashya2 matifhomoonha entaw elriyayeel...its personal y3ne"

"y3ne afham mn kalamich enich mintay gaylatle...."


" abeech togfeen weyaha oo etha e7tijtoone ana mawjood "

The rest of the ride went quiet except for fara7's snoring. We got home, oo she had all her weight on me as we got her to her room. da5alt '3orfiti oo awal madashait shft elmokan elle kint 7a6 fee dishdashte, bs il5adma already shalit'ha. badalt oo '3asalt oo dashait lifrash. gi3adt bil'6alma afakir sheno ma38oola ekoon em'6ayig noora, bs wala shay ya 3ala bale. oo shakil fara7 bilsayara kan 7ada serious, fa akeed ilshay mo hayyin. gabel ma'3ami'6 3aini i made a promise to make noora all better and take all her worries away..........



I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to start a whole new day. i picked out a pair of jeans and a simple white shirt. I added some golden chunky bracelets, and stacked some golden necklaces on. I put on blush, eyeliner, mascara (the usual) , let my hair fall loosely on my shoulders, wore my gladiator sandals, grabbed my bag and my coffee and headed to uni.
I made plans with my mom today, we were going to spend a mother-daughter day together. we're gonna eat some breakfast first b3dain start our day of shopping....!!! Bs that's ofcoarse after i finish my class that starts in about 10 minutes and i'm still stuck in traffic! ugghhhhhh whats wrong with the people, mooooooooooove....!!!!!!!!!

I finally got to uni, parked my car and literally started running towards my class. This doctor is a strict one and if i'm late 3ady efashilne oo ya6ridne mn his class just because i'm late. I reached the class, got in wala the doctor lail7een mo wa9il.


My heart was beating fast and i was breathing hard, oo all that running kan 3alfa'6ee. I looked around for a place to sit in and i spotted one and sat in it. I looked around to see if i know someone bs with no luck. i sat and watched the students faces get in class with a worried look then relaxing as they found out that the doctor hasnt showed up, it was rather funny. Then walked in a tall, well-built, typical kuwaity style kind of guy, with his raybans, hat, polo, shorts etc..... He looked around to find a place to sit in then found one and headed towards it. As he was headed to take a seat, he saw me and flashed me a smile. I blinked, once....twice. Why is he smiling to i know him??? He took a seat three rows behind me, i turned around pretending to adjust my bag and took another look at him. He looks familiar, bs wain shaifita ana...wain......wain.....

Just then the doctor walks in with his glorious walk and his cocky smile. I just rolled my eyes and focused on my notebook, drawing 5arabee6 on it. I tried to rememeber wain i saw the boy, bs it just wouldnt click with me. After a while of thinking it finally hit me. he's the guy i saw at uni hnee in the parking lot, the one elle magidart asheel 3aini mina. Omg he remembers me, fashlaaaa....
I smiled to myself lena tithakarta a5eeran.

"ms.noora....i'm talking about the world economic crisis and how serious it is and your just sitting here and smiling....."

"ughhh....emmm....i ..i..."

"were you even paying attention....."

"yes i was....." shit...6a7sa!

"what was i saying...." he looked at me with an i-dare-you-to-answer-correctly kind of look.

" you were talking about the...theee....ughhh...."

"The increasing inflation rates that are a result of the crisis.........."

lafait wayhi , wala the parking lot boy was the one who talked. He had his sunglasses off and he had such a sweet look in his eyes.

"is your name noora...??"the doctor said to him.

"ummm.....thats exactly what i wanted to say....." i answered quickly. The doctor took a look at me then continued his lesson. I turned my face to the parking lot man and gave him a thank you smile.


I know it's short bs gabil shwy radda kint 6al3a oo dai5a fa i'll post part B tomorrow....


Do u believe in magic ??

I believe in the magic of happiness and joy.....

I believe in the magic of family.....

I believe in the magic of friendship....

I believe in the magic of miracles.....

But most all,

I believe in the magic of love.....

Love u guys ;****

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Zain xx

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is it love..? (8)


b3d mashti'3alt 3ala shwayat sh'3l mn ilsahrika, sakart illaptop oo ri7t 3ashan a5ithly shower. awal ma7ashne ilmai bl shower wala tfoo7 meni ree7at noora. the scent of fruits, flowers, lemons...all whiffed out of me creating an atmosphere that i didnt want to end. i kept breathing in, taking in all the scent quickly in fear that it would fade away. i smiled to myself, because the smell really illustrated noora for her funny and light personality. But the feminine smell eventually faded away, and i was left with the smell of my shampoo and soap. I quickly turned off the water, stepped out and dried myself. i put on my training pants and polo t-shirt and stepped out of the bathroom. That was surely a refreshing shower that i didnt want to end.
Rashaitle ree7a, oo i grabbed my phone 3ashan aroo7 ildiwaniya. Oo ana ga3d a3adil sh3re bilman'6ara wala ashoof dishdashte elle kint labis'ha elyoum. Ri7tlaha, oo bs 3an fo'6ool, fo'6ool oo bas shamait'ha.....oo like a drug, i relaxed as soon as noora's scent hit me.

Faj2a wala telephone erin.... hadait ildishdasha oo radait...

"aloo....haa bo3bdulla kani yay...el7een 6ali3....mashe..femala...."

sakart iltelephone mn feras.... oo 6ala3t ildishdasha oo hazait rasee...

shfeene ana...

oo 6ila3t aroo7 ildiwaniya.


"Salam....." i said and raised my hand 3ala kil ilmawjoodeen. Shift feras oo ri7tla,

"hala wallah..."

"wainik ta2a5art....."

"uffff latis2al...mortik 3awirat rasi oo 6la3at ilyoum..."

"y3ne lulu mat3arifha etha matabe elbnaya enta 7or....."

"yuba etha lail7een matizawajt 3awar ras 3ayal shbasawy lai tizawajt..."

"ha ha ....3ayal ma3araft ilzawaj sheno...tara mosahal...y3ne latshofna ana oo lulu chethe..tara awal zawajna killa hwash magi9 3alaik bs ma3 elayam ta3awadna 3ala b3'6 ....."

"allah e3eenik...."

"laaaa bl3ks ....nit'hawash ee bs 7ayatna mshya 3adil oo il7mdilaa...."

"enzain akeed kalmitik lulu blsayara 3n noora mo9a7..."

"hehe 6ab3an...oo sheno mitnarfiza minnik linnik mint ra'6ee feeha....tara 9ij y3ne laimeta bedawroonlik ..5ali9aw banat likwait oo enta lail7een..."

"ag3ad 3zoobe b3d shsawe y3ne...."


"ha ha.....3ad tadre elyoum youm ri7taw kint bl7adee8a wala ashoof noora...."

"noora..? laish ehya mara7at elbait..."

"ee oo ana b3d 7asbale chethe.....shft sayi8hom wala egoole ana yay amor noora...wala ashof'ha bl 7adee8a..."


"oo kanat killish mo3ala ba3a'6ha...fe shay im'6ayigha lena kanat wayid za3lana....oo kil ma agoolaha shfeech matrid 3alai aw t'3ayir ilmaw'6oo3....b3dain ra7at..."

"bs makan feeha shay 3al'3ada........."

"ee mo 3ashan chthe ana mista'3rib..."

"la7'6a la7'6a....laykoon sma3at lulu etkalmik 3anha oo enta tgool ennik mosta7eel titzawajha...."

"laaa feraso latgool chethe....laa ma3ti8id sma3at...tsk tsk laaa..."

"3ayal sheno....shfeeha..."

"madry.....oo abe a3rf madry laish bs abe a3rf shfeeha....3ad fara7 3indaha el7een madre sheno 9ar ma3aha...."

"youm fara7 trid es2alha..."

"ee hatha elle basawee..."

"enzain goom....5an baree ilmasa5ir ille hnak kout.....yalla...." said feras as he got up.

"hahaai yalla ...fouga.."

B3d ma5ala9na, rikabt ilsayara oo ri7t ilbait. Dawart fara7 bs lail7een maradat, ni6art'ha ta7at bil9ala bs ta2a5ar ilwagt oo lail7een maradat. mako ella ati9il 3alaiha...



"hala fara7 wainich...."

"3nd noora...."

"enzain meta betyeen...."

"ana nayma 6alal....shakle banam 3indihom..."

"ma3inich bacher jam3a....."

"ooo 9a7 embala....wai3...5ala9 lazim arj3 3ndi project ma5ala9ta ...."

"sayartich ma3ach..."

"la kint yaya m3 ilsayi8...."

"5ala9 ana amorich 3ayal..elwagt mit2a5ir mo7ilwa tkooneen m3 ilsayi8...digayig wakoon 3indich..."


Sakart iltelephone oo ri7t bait 5alte 3ashan amor fara7. Kint na6ir fara7 bilsayara wala ashoof 5alti ma3 rayilha tawa saf6een oo lazzimaw enne adish ag3ad shwaya da5il ashrab chai wala shay. da5alt weyahom il9ala oo gi3adna sowalif, shwy wala fara7 tinzil oo tig3ad weyana sowalif.

"wallah oo kibart ya 6alool....oo ra7 titzawaj...." said 5alti.

"ee b3d laimeta ban6ir.....hehe"

"yalla bitawfeej inshalla ...." said rayil 5alti.


"3ad ga3da adawirlik dwara...oo fe cham bnaya shfthom 7agik bs akalim ommik bilawal ..."

"yalla 3ala eedich..." i said as i sipped the tea. kina ga3deen nitkalam wala alma7 shay ga3d yanzil mn ilsillam oo lasho3oorean 3yoone li7agat halshay. Youm laffat wala noora, ib bajamat'ha oo sha3arha kisha oo kanat tafrik 3yoonha. shakilha kan 7ada eshawig, chenha yahil. makanat mintabha 3ala meno bil9ala oo kanat yaya,

"mama....3indina 7aleeee...." wala tawgaf oo t9a6il. 5alti masma3at'ha lena kanat ga3da tsawlif oo ma7ad shafha lena maw9alat il9ala b3d, bs ana shift'ha lena kanat ibwayhi. shafatne oo her eyes widened .shallat 3ainha bser3a, b3dain nazilat 3ainha oo ehnee intibaht 3ala bajamat'ha. kanat 7amra oo 3alaiha 9ourat mini teddy bears 3al pants, shaklha kan e'6a7ik. i held my laugh, bs my mouth spread to a grin oo nazalt rasi.

"e7m...yalla fara7 5anamshe...."

"laa wain ray7een...gi3daw..." said 5alti.

"laa mara thanya inshalla....yalla m3esalama..." gimt mn mokani, bs noora makanat mawjooda, masra3 man7ashat hehe.....

i guess my old noora didnt change at all ....



Gimt mn elnom wala fara7 momawjooda, akeed ra7at bait'hom. Kint 7adi mishtahya 7aleeb madry laish, fanizalt ta7at 3ashan a5ithle. kan fe a9wat ta7at oo sima3t 9out mama, akeed ga3da ma3 oboy.

"mama.....3indina 7aleeee...." wala ashoof 6alal. 6ALAL...!!!!

shyayba hnee, 6ala3ta oo sa6alt ibwayha. ambai fashlaaaaa shakle efashil m3 sha3re ilkisha oo wayhe ilmtafa5 oo my pajama. elmishkila enna 6alal shafne, oo mora'6e esheel 3aina. 7asaita ibyi'67ak madry laish, mo bas kint miftashla....3adi amoot mn ilfashla. 5doode 7asait'hom 7amiraw, nazalt rasi wala astaw3ib sheno labsa. y3ne my pajamas killa chethe 3ala 9owar oo killlish mo7ilwa 6alal eshofne feehom. rifa3t rase wala 6alal kan ekalim ommi.

5oush 3ashan an7ash. i ran upstairs , two steps at a time oo di5alt '3orfiti.

Kan yabe yi'67ak, i know this for a fact. i know 6alal oo hathe sowalfa, bs yi6anaz. i used to like that alot about him..........oo i'm glad enna he's still the same.


thank you.......

luv u :***


abe atzawaj :(

5ala9 malait...

I wanna find the perfect man, fall madly in love with him and get married !!

Abe a man I can lean on, protects me, edali3ne, e'6a7ikne, e6afirne,
But most of all romantic and crazy about me ;)

Oo oo hufffff madry bs shakle ga3da ashawig nfse min ilstories
Ille I'm writing lol ;p oo abe rayal a3timid 3alai....ekoon thaki oo
Mo7taram oo waaaaaaaaaaaaai

Bs 5ala9.....

Abe atzawaj !

P.s. 3ady tara tyeele 7alat chethe wayid fa t3awidaw;p

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is it love..? (7)

Since enkom wayid mistanseen enna isme ikoon "kabat/kaboot" (named by person;*) bidal "closi" youm oo rayi7 samooni kabat ...7ilo ;))))))

Enjoy ;**



I turned my back and walked away....actually ran to the car. "Noora..." i heard him say, bs i ignored him and headed to the car with tears streaming all over my face. I was still crying when i was in the car, still crying when i got home, still crying in the shower, still crying when i tried to get myself to sleep. I hugged my pillow hard as i sobbed. I cried every time i remembered, how he got angry when he found me alone in the garden, him lashing out on me with all the concern a person can possess. The way his eyebrows were wrinkled with apprehension, the way his eyes beckoned for my promise, the way his voice was soft and melted right into my heart when he talked to me. He cares about me..... i would be a fool to think otherwise.

I made the decision to not set foot in my aunt's house if he was there, and when i told him , the look on his face was of pure shock. I mean how can he be so stupid, shlon mayistaw3ib inna i might have overheard him with lulu. Ishda3wa mayadry inne a7iba , i mean lulu ille awal marra ib 7ayat'ha etshofne 7asat oo makanat etgool 7ag 6alal ella etha kanat 7assa ena 6alal has some feelings too.

I cringed when i recalled him saying "ana 7isbat o5och" hurt coming from him and i was standing there already torn , ooo zadha youm gal chethe. 3a6aita thahry o bichait, ilmoshkila ina i NEVER cry, no3e killish mo enne abchi jidam ilawadim bs when it comes to 6alal...anything that comes to 6alal makes me cry. Oo i cried, kan ekalimni oo ehadeene oo b3dain gi'6abne mn eedi oo he crashed me to his chest. I wanted to pull away, i knew that i should pull away but i couldn't. My heart, body, mind...wouldn't pull away from him, it's like they knew that this is where they belong, and so i surrendered into his arms and cried my heart out. His embrace was warm and it relieved me, he held me tightly with his strong arms wrapped around me. His soothing words poured into my ears and they warmed me up, knowing that he wanted to help me.

6alal is hugging me, i am in his arms, i am here with 6alal.........

I kept repeating in my mind, i couldnt believe what was going on, that i was actually in the garden, with 6alal's scent creating an aroma in the air. I would've stayed in his arms forever, if he didnt blurt out the one thing that i kept my hope on. "ana 7isbat o5och", i pulled away from him and told him not to say it. But he just shrugged and couldnt see the difference, i stared at him doubting myself and what that little voice kept whispering inside my head.

He see's you as a sister....he will never marry you......

He told me what the difference was, and i told him that there is a huge difference, a huge difference and with that i walked away, which brings me back here, sitting in my bed, trying to sleep. I plopped myself up and grabbed my i-pods, i shuffled through the songs....i reached 3mdlmajeed and although i've heard this song alot, i never clung to every word as i did right now.

Mabayan ib 3ainik

Mabayin ib 3ainik 3ala kithir ma jaak wa7asafa laitene ma3a6aitik...

ti56ee wa3thrak wat7ammal 5a6ayak...hawait '3al6atik kithir mahawaitak...

'6a7ait bl dinyaa 3ashan dinyaak...5alait kil elle yabeene oo jeetak...

kint ib 3yooni wain ma6ala3 algaak...7ata walaw '3ama'6t 3aini ligaitak....

mn kithir ma7ibak...wagadirk wahwak..mathkir enne fe 7ayate 3a9aitak....

wala fad kil elle asaweeh weyak...at3abt galbi laitik et7iss laitaak....

wel7een roo7 arjook....sa3idny ansak...wala tijee 7ata law enne ba'3aitak...

win mar fe bali..bigaya lithikraak..ba7awal ansaha mithil manesaitak....

I couldnt cry even if i wanted to cry 'cause 5ala9 mnkithir mabichayt a7iss dmoo3e inshifaw. Sakart il-pod oo i tucked myself in to sleep. i was half asleep when my phone rang.....i searched for it using my hand 'till i grabbed it and brought the screen to my eyes.

Far7o calling.......

Shitt...i completley neglected fara7....ughhhh shasawe el7een....




"sheno entay nayma....?"




"noora....7beebte shfeech tell me...."

"fara7 please...a7taj enne anam...."

"la mako mo b3d makishatay feene oo 6ila3tay mn'3air matgoleenle..."


"i'm comming over...."

"la7'6a sheno comming....sa3a cham...."

"its oo latgoleenle bitnameen hal7aza lena mara7 a9adgich...yalla bye...."

I shut the phone and drifted back to sleep. After i dont know eshkithir i felt someone yimsa7 3ala sha3re, i opened my eyes slowly wala fara7 ga3da 3indy with a soft smile on her face.

"gimtay ya ba6a....."

I smiled as i rolled to face her, she was lying beside me. "entay laish malgoofa oo yaya oo ga3da bifrashe b3d....." i said with a smile.

"lene a7ibiiiiiiiich....." she said as she tickled me.

"Hehehehhe....far7oooo bs ta3bana......."

She stopped and looked at me, "embayin 6a3 shaklich.....e5ariiii3....."

"haai. ya7mara...."

"enzain laish hadaiteene oo 6ila3tai ....."

"bs...." i said not meeting her eyes.

"tara adry....."

"ha..? sheno...." i looked at her.

"6alal gale...."

My eyes widened, "sh-sheno galich....."

"innich kintay za3lana mn sha'3la 3ashan chethe 6ila3tai....oo lazzam enne ayeech oo a3rf shilsalfa 3ashan ati6aman 3alaich...." thoughtful of him...!! la2 noora.....ohwa ilsibab fe kil ille ana fee...konay 8awiya....

"ee i was..." i said as i stared at the ceiling.

"y3ne matabeen etgoleenle.....el7een ana elleeee...."

"hehe...laa2 bs fara7 madry shagoolich y3ne...i cant tell i want to..huffffff"

"its a boy isnt it....."


"noora tabche.....hathe 9a3ba ooo i think that the only thing that would have made u cry is a boy...."



"ee its a boy....oo i love him fara7...i love him...since like forever..."

"aha oo shilmoshkila...."

"emmm...well, he doesnt know oo i dont think enna he loves me back...."

"oo ouch..!!! "

"ya i know....oo im trying to forget him bs magdar, oo its killing me ena magdar...."

"5ala9 its simple, 5al ewali bala 3awar ras wala shay,bala 7ub oo bala waja3 galb, etha may3arif gadrich mayistahlich ya noora...bacher eyeech wa7id a7san minna ib alf entay lat'6aygeen 5ilgich ....okay.."

"okay....oo aham shay da5altay rashed's song bl maw'6o3"

"ee 7asait'ha laiga...."

"waaaai walla u..."

"weee laykoon ana elle t7ibeena.....?!" she joked.

"hehe chub..." i hugged her, and i thanked god enne i have fara7 in my life madry shasawe mndoonha. Ga3da ashkeelaha 3n o5ooha o ehya matadre oo etgoole a5ale ewale ......well, thats just what i have in mind.

ra7 a5aleek etwale ya 6alal......!!

Me and fara7 sat on my bed watching the movie that we were supposed to see at her house, oo b3dain we drifted off to sleep.



what the hell is happening...?????? First, lulu etrashi7le noora for me to marry. secondly, i find noora alone in the garden waiting for her driver. Thirdly, noora cried like i've never seen her before. Fourthly, we have this wierd conversation about "weld 5ala"oo "o5oo"..!!!!

ughhhh women....!!!!! 3mre mara7 afhamhom.....

Kalamt gabil shwy fara7 oo giltlaha etkalim lulu oo etshof shfeha...lena maskeena kanat minhara noora oo wayid ta3bana. wedi law kint agdar asawi shay, ma7ib akoon wagif chethe oo magdar asa3id noora. 6oul 3omre i stand up for her, mn ayam oo i7na 9'3ar. Kanat wayid daloo3a oo kint killa a2atheeha oo a6afirha oo shlon kanat etbawiz oo titnarfaz was the best part of it, bs galbha 6ayib oo bser3a aratheeha. Bas fee uma 5air a7ad e2atheeha...walak al3an 5aira. '3areeb shlon noora ilwa7eeda illi kint gireeb minha mn bain kil banat 5alati......yimkin lenha wayid close m3 fara7 3ashan chethe...

3ad kanat emtabtiba ooo etshawig, bs tabe takil. kint youm aroo7 ilfir3 wala ilba8ala m3 3yal 5alati youm yam3atna et7in oo tgoole ayeeblaha shay oo b3dain tishta6 oo tistanas youm ayeeblaha. a7ib ashoofha mistansa, a9lan mit3awid 3alaiha chethe. bashoosha oo kila ilibtisama marsooma 3ala wayiha il baby face....i must say. killa agari9 5doodha youm kanat 9'3eera bs il7een magdar....kanat kila tgoole 3ashan chethe 5doode lail7een 7omor killa minik minkithir matgaru9hom. oo kint a'67ak 3ala tafkeerha....hehe lail7een youm at'thakar a'67ak. b3dain 9arat 11 oo kina close bs not kan fee this barrier since enne 9irt 18 oo 8arart enne adris barra. B3d madirast for 5 years oo i got my degree oo rija3t, rija3t oo kilshay kan mit'3ayir. Kilman kibar....including noora. Kint 23 oo ehya 16, ra7at noora ilmtabtaba oo i was faced with a thin noora, bs her cheeks remained full....oo her cheeks remained tinted with this rosy color. She started to dress more like a girl, tihtam ib sha3arha elle killa kanat tirbi6a gabil. Ooo i noticed how black her hair was, i noticed how beautiful she was....from inside and out.

Bs it was awkward every time i saw her, y3ne madry shagoolaha, alot changes in 5 years. Oo 7asait ene ma3arifha el7een mithil makint a3arifha gabil. Youm kint ashoofha ib yam3atna ib bait yaditi kint bas agoolaha "salam" aw"shlonich". y3ne shagool, "tabeen shay mn ilba8ala..." aw "ta3alai 5al agari9 5doodich.." that was before...and this is now.And thats how we drifted apart, i guess. 7atan etha yait 3indina oo kint mawjood tisti7y oo matinzil laima aroo7. 7attan elyoum 3al '3ada youm dashat kanat 7adha mista7ya ebayin 3alaiha, oo i enjoyed lunch lena 7asait enne kalamt noora oo ena we sort of bonded again. Kilshay went fine b3dain lulu had to come oo etgool ene atzawaj noora. y3ne shlon atzawajha, etha just seeing her feels awkward shwaya, etha tisti7y itkalimne oo mat7i6 3ainha ib 3aine, oo sheno yi'6minly ena she likes me back. etha rif'6atny, that would made everything even more complicated than it already is. Ooo ana momisti3id 7ag halshay, bacher noora troo7 wara na9eebha-ele mo m3ay- oo ana wara na9eebe.

B3dain came the garden oo i saw her crying, she was vulnerable, like the noora i once remembered, the noora i always protected oo 7assait enne lazim asa3idha. i didnt mean to hug her, bs youm shift'ha oo shlon kanat tabche magidart oo lamait'ha. She felt warm and i smiled because i felt that i saw a part of noora that i hadnt seen for years now. I tried to cheer her up, 7awalt enne a5aleeha tgoole shfeeha bs gamat etgoole ene wild 5alat'ha oo mo o5oy. y3ne adre bs madry laish 3a9ibat youm gilt chethe,

yimkin lenha kanat m3a9ba...

yimkin she doesnt see me as a brother.....

yimkin....she sees me as more than a brother......

could she possibly.......

could lulu be right.....

I shook my head, no way, i'm thinking wayid, el7een fara7 3indaha oo inshalla mafeeha shay. 5al aroo7 ildiwaniya a7sanly.....


Incase u want to listen to the song....

Mabayan ib 3ainik-3bdlmajeed

Kaboot says gudnight ;*****-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it love..? (6)


He had his arms crossed as he stared into space with a serious expression painted on his face. And i , from behind the tree bush sat on the bench watching him closely. I really wished i knew what he was thinking about. Was he thinking about what lulu told him earlier, was he thinking about me...about us....?

A cool breeze passed by and it was nourishing, with the tree leaves rustling and my hair floating around ever so gently, not to mention the velvety colors that adorned the sky. I hugged myself closely in order to warm myself up when i noticed a light comming from far away. As the car came closer, i realized that it was my Raju our driver..!

Wai la2 raju killish mowagtik el7een...!!!

I quickly glanced back at 6alal and he still looked lost in his own world. Good...aham shay he doesnt notice raju. I got up, and looked around me. I can go through the bushes over there and 6alal wouldnt notice me, hop into the car and go home. Ughh..inshallah it works!

I was practically tiptoeing my way across the garden to reach my designated area, every moment making sure that i'm not visible to 6alal.

600000006 600000000000006.......!!!!!!

The horn of the car made me jump from my place. wai yuma!!!....i put my hand on my fast beating heart. I looked up wala 6alal's head snaps to the left and see's Raju in the car. The expression on 6alal's face was first of an alarmed one, then of confusion. i gulped when i saw 6alal walk to raju's car. I felt like i was getting dizzy.

god this cant be happining, this cant be happining....

I moved closer to a spot where i could see 6alal and raju clearly. I stood behind a tree and moved some branches with my hand to get a better view.

"Haaaaa raju....shlonik....." said 6alal, raising his hand in the air. 6alal stopped like 1 meter away from the car.

"zain baba 6alal.....zain...." answered raju moving his head side to side with a goofy smile on his face as he opened the window.

"sh3indik yay hnee....."

"ana yijee 7ag mama noora......"


"3ashan ya5ith bait....."

wai yarabi ana ish'hal 7a'6 elle 3alai......!!!!!

"bs noora ra7at ilbait......"

Raju maskeen 7ada kan confused.

"enzain ehya mita dagat 3alaik....."

"gabil 10-15 minutes......"

I couldnt see 6alal's expression because i could only see his back.....his broad back. 6alal stepped in closer to raju and i couldnt see or hear what they were saying.

wai3 6alal wa5ir 5al ashoof...oo for gods sake 3alaw 9otkom....!!

6alal wa5ar shwy oo i saw raju with a phone in his hand. Why does he have a phone in his hand..??

asma3ak kamil kalamik ...b3d a7ibik aish gilt... phone phone....!!!!!!

I quickly dug my hand into my lv bag and tried to pull out my mobile.

Ta7sib enne youm a6ali3 '3airik enne masma3ak...asma3ak..asma3aaak....

LAAA2 laaaa2 wainik...e6la3....e6la3....!!!

I finally pulled it out, and my hands were shivering so hard that i kept missing the end call button. After several attempts i finally shut the phone..........but when i lifted my head up i realized that it was too late...!!



Kint wagif barra afakir 3an il7ache ille galita lulu elyoum, oo mora'6e edish 3agle. Y3ne min9ijha hathe......lena noora bnt 5alti oo bas. lani a7ibha wala shay wala at5ayal nafse mitzawijha ...niha2iyan...!!y3ne min oo e7na 9'3ar oo e7na ma3ba3ath..li3abna oo kibarna ma3ba3ath, shlon atzawajha....
shlon atzawaj wa7da ma7ibha......shlon.....

kin wagif oo i analyze things when i noticed raju's car, sayig bait 5alti. wigaf jidam baitna, fa ri7tla. Solaft ma3a oo youm giltla ohwa laish ehnee wala egoole ena yay 3ashan ya5ith noora oo ewa9ilha ilbait. Shlon ya5ith noora etha ehya 6al3a 9ayirlaha foug ilrb3 sa3a 3ala ma2a'6in.
y3ne wainha, wain ra7at.....?? 7asait ib5ouf madry laish, y3ne yimkin etkoon shlon etha ma3indaha sayara. ana shlon mafakart feeha.....?

Garabt mn ilsayara, "enzain dig 3alaiha oo shouf wainha fee...."

"okay ....." 6ala3 raju iltelephone oo eti9al 3ala noora. ana kint wagif 3ala a39abi oo kint a7awil ma5ale mo5i eroo7 b3eed 3ashan ma7atee....

mawa3ait ella asma3 '3niya, 7isabt enne im hallucinating wala shay, rakazt akthar bs laaa i'3niya. il9out kan mn warai il7adee8a. youm wigfat il'3niya wala raju egoole,

"call end...sakkar telephone...."

5athait telephona oo shift inna ilcall ended. shakait blmaw'6oo3 oo eltifat wara 9oub il7adee8a mara thanya.

"NOORA.....?" i called. i didnt hear anything, but i caught some movement.I immediately went to the 7adee8a still calling her name. makint ga3d ashoof 3adil lena ilsima '6alimat oo mafta7aw laitat ille barra lail7een. "noora....entay hnee....noora....?"

i caught some more movement and this time i was certain that it was her. When i called one last time, she stopped. With three big strides i went over to her, grabbed her by her hand and whirled her around to face me.

"noora...entay hnee oo e7na endawir 3alaich....?!" i said irritated with her. she didnt reply.
"laish ga3da barra hnee bro7ich...laish mani6artai ilsayig da5il......?" still no reply. She just looked at me with her almond shaped dark brown eyes that glistened in the dark. "noora riday 3alai....."

"sheel eedik 3ani......." she said in a tone that didnt relate to her at all. I looked at her confused, and when i didnt let her hand she shrugged herself free, and backed a couple of steps. A7ar ma 3indy, abrad ma3indaha......
3a9abt y3ne 9ij lamobaliya halbnaya, ti6la3 mn kaifha oo tig3ad barra bil'6alma tin6ir ilsayig ma3ina kan yigdar sayigna ewadeeha aw fara7.

Bs youm 6ala3t'ha kanat tabe tamshe oo killish mo3ala ba3a'6ha.

"lazim aroo7....."

"noora ni6ray......" i said. she stopped and looked at me. "abeech to3ideene ennich mat3edeenha mara thanya..."

She looked at me, and her face was turning red. "mayi7tay lene mara7 aye hnee mara thnya...."


"bas...." she said and she looked at the ground. laaaaa feeha shay...laykoon mithawsha m3 fara7 wala shay.

"sheno 9ayir shay..."

"l2." she answered quickly.

"enzain laish matabeen etyeen mara thanya.."

she looked at me, wayiha ta3ban, "elle eshofik egool wayid mihtam....."

"shlon mahtam, akeed ahtam...t3arfeen halshay oo mayi7tay agoolich...."

she remained quiet and looked down again. A breeze came and caused her hair to float like black waves around her, and her dress to dance around her.She looked so sweet and innocent.

"noora...ma7ib ashoofich za3lana...goleele shfeech...."

"mafeene shay, oo momihim it3arf..."

"shlon momohim a3rf shili m'6aygich, ana wild 5altich oo 7isbat o5ooch....."

Madry sheno gilt bs 7a6at eedha 3la 7aljha oo lafat. Her shoulders shook oo i knew that she was crying, she always cried silently, ever since she was young. Oo galbi 3awarni, y3ne hathi noora oo mar'6a a7ad eza3ilha mn oo e7na '93ar oo ana adafi3 3anha oo mar'6a 3alaiha. Garabt minha,


"wa5ir 3ani....*gasp* mabeek roo7....*gasp*....."

"noora shfeech, 7acheene.....ymkin agdar asa3dich....." i said in a calm voice.

"enta elwa7eed elle matigdar etsawe shay.....fa please 5ala9 roo7..."

"oo ahidich chethe....mosta7eel...." i was close to her, inches apart. The wind let her silky hair hit my face, and it smelled like flowers, was pleasing, that. I turned her around, and her face was covered with tears, and her sobs shook her body. Awal marra ashoofha ib hal7ala, oo 7ilaft enna ma5aleeha chethe oo lazim asawe ayshay 3ashan togaf ...masta7mal ashoofha chethe z3lana.


"shhh..ta3alay....ta3alay...." i said and hugged her to my chest. She felt so tiny with her thin frame, i wrapped my arms around her tightly and i felt the vibrations of her sobs against my arm. "afaaaa...noora tabche...ma9adig...."

"**gasp** bamoot...bamoot...5la9 mat7amal...." she said, and her voice came out muffled since i held her tightly to my chest. I could feel the hot breath touch my chest when she spoke and everytime she breathed.

"enzain goolele ......e3tabreene o5och o goleele 3ashan asa3dich....."

"latgool chethe......"


She pushed herself away from me, and my hands fell back to my side.

"enta mo o5oy......." when i didnt reply she added, "enta wild 5alti...."

I looked at her, oo mofahim shili ga3d etgoola.


She stayed quiet, and after a while she said, "fee farg ikbeer ......farg ikbeer...."

And with that she walked away.


Thank u.....

Luv u ;***


Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it love..? (5)


law she9eer she9eer.....

It kept repeating in my mind over and over again. okay i know enna he doesnt have feelings towards me, bs i didnt know that he hated me THIS much!! sheno y3ne law she9eer....sheno ana ga6a 3mre 3alai oo ana madry, ana 8abee7a oo ana madry, '3abiya, malee8a.......?!? kan yigdar egool wala "l2 mafakart feeha" aw " madry bs ma7is enna ti9la7ly...." ANYTHING bs mo egool law she9eer......the way he said it chena he was saying inna law kint a5ir bnaya bl3alam ham mayitzawajne. Its insulting, embarassing and to be honest everything.....

what is wrong with me....?!

I wanna know why the hell he hates me this much. Okay mabey not hate, but disrespect and hurting my feelings. I know that he said it thinking that i wont and will never hear it, but I DID and i want to know why....

i kept on taking deep deeeeeeep breaths, in and out. and i tried to control my tears, but they were piling up in my eyes uncontrolobly. I covered my mouth with my hand, pressing hard so that a gasp wouldnt escape and i brake up into tears. Oo i realized inna mokani 7ada '3ala6 oo ena anyone can pass and see me. I could still hear 6alal and lulu talking but i didnt want to catch up at what they said, i've had enough already and i dont think that i could withstand anymore of 6alal's hurtful sayings. i pushed myself away from the wall, which was my only support from collapsing, and headed to fara7's room.

i entered her room again, and she was showering and lost in her own world with her singing. I paced back and forth the room trying to calm myself down. I kept wiping and wiping the streams of tears that kept pouring from my eyes, although i wasnt crying or anything i just seemed to be tearing up. kint kil hal sneen elle i wasted thinking, dreaming, hoping, waiting.......and after all of that...THIS is what i get. I realized that i didnt get my purse oo nazliti kanat 3al fa'6e, bs i have to get out of here, i cant bear sitting here thinking about what 6alal downstairs is telling lulu about how much he doesnt want to marry me.

He ignored me al those years oo gilt ...3ady there will come a day where he would notice me...

He got engaged to get married ...oo gilt 3ady hatha raya bs deep inside i always believed that there was hope....

He started looking for a woman to marry...oo gilt 7ag roo7e this is it oo he might finally notice me....

Ooo now he insults me oo egool 3ani hal7ache.....!!! salamta every feeling i had....everything !!!

I wiped my tears,

I have to get out of here...!!!!

"Fara7...Fara7 !!!" but she couldnt hear me. I went out of the room and went downstairs, going into the kitchen. " linda....where is the key for the back door....?"


"linda please just give it to me...."

"are you okay...." she said with a concerned expression. God, how bad do i look...?

"YES... linda i'm fine just give me the key...."

"but the key with mama not with me, she took it so that baby not go outside."

Ughhhhh...just my luck.....!! oo if i went to 5alti btig3ad tis2alny laish ma laish oo gi3day oo halsowalif, fa i have to get out of the front door. that is to pass by the 9ala.....where 6alal is..!!!!



Lulu shocked me,

Noora...?! Noora.......?!?!?

Lulu gave me an irritated look and crossed her arms, "6alal...ana ba3rf enta ma7ad yi3jibik y3ne...?! sheno y3ne mosta7eel titzawajha...."

I looked at Feras, bs he remained expressionless and seemed to agree with his wife. Great..!!

"Lulu....latfihmeene ' noora......noora......." i stopped, i didnt know what to say.

"sheno...." lulu shot back.

"lenha bint 5alti..!!!"

"oo y3ne , 5o yama nas tizawijaw banat 5alat'hom oo 3amat'hom oo kahom mn a7san ma yakoon...."

"lulu.....raja2an sakrai ilmaw'6oo3...." my head was starting to pound.

"6alal, tara lulu tabe ma9la7tik oo ana mashoof noora 3ayibha shay y3ne..tara ilkil yitmanaha..."

"adry wallah mo 7agii ana...mosta7eel etkoon 7agi ana....."

"momkin itfahimni laish balla.....lena ana elle shifta elyoum egool el3aks...."

I looked at her, "shga9dich....?"

Lulu's voice turned calm, "enta law shayif ibtisamtik youm salamt 3alaiha...."

"sheno y3ne 7aram abtisim ib wayh bint5alti....kanat mojarad ibtisama, latkabreen elmaw'6oo3"

"6alal....5alni akamil....." and then lulu stopped talking. I looked up wala i see noora emerge, looking as graceful as ever. She walked to the dining table, took her purse and headed to us. She looked , well, not like her. Something wasnt right, her cheeks werent colored this shade of pink we've become used to, her hair was a bit disheveled, and her wide brown eyes were!

She went to lulu, "yalla ana mashya, 5anshoofich 3ad..." she said as she kissed lulu.

"china bser3a ....gi3day shwy...wain fara7....?"

"fara7 foug, oo omi ita9lat 3alai oo lazim aroo7....marra thanya inshalla....." she said with a soft smile that made her cheeks lift a little.

"feras lazim ashoof wildik ....shawagtne ashoofa...."

"hehe...akeed inshalla..."

"yalla ma3isalama...." she said and turned her back as she walked to the door. My eyes followed her all the way 'till she went outside.

And only went she left did i notice enna masilimat 3alai oo ma7a6at 3ainha ib 3aine killish......



As soon as i stepped outside 7asait roo7e free.....oo agdar atnafas...

Going to the 9ala was very hard, bs i handled it properly.....i think. I went directly to noora salamt 3alaiha, oo feras and i went out. I went out mn'3air masalim 3ala 6alal oo i didnt look at him not even once. Bs el6aree8a elle kan eshofne feeha ga6i3at galbi, lena he looks like he cares oo the look on his face when i ignored him oo 6ila3t 3awirat he deserves it!

Okay so now i'm out, what am i supposed to do...ma3indy sayara, oo i cant go back in there..

I picked my phone and called our driver to pick me up. I sat in the garden and waited for him to come. I sat on a bench that was hidden by the trees, so that no one see's me. After a few moments later, feras and lulu and 6alal went out oo i froze in my seat and held my breath.

"yay ilduwaniya elyoum haa....."

"ee yay....."

"okay yalla femala...."

"bye 6alal...."

"m3esalama...." said 6alal with a cheeky grin.

6alal stood there until feras and lulu were out of sight, and still he didnt move. He lifted his head and looked at the sky that was colored with various shades of red as the sun was setting down. i lifted my head up too and enjoyed the firey colors that danced along the sky. 6alal just stood there with his expression so serene and he looked as if he was lost in his own thoughts.


Thank you..........

Luv u....;**