Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mulish (6)

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I shivered slightly when he touched my arm, i chose to ignore it and we sat down. Men and women all with experience were seated on the table and ....me. I really was lost, the things they talked about where like i was from another planet or something. I do have a background about business since its my major bsss this is ...new. The people around the table were here for one purpose ...the company and its welfare. Pride filled me up as i sat there amongst them, listening, learning. S3ood glanced at me and gave me a reassuring smile, it calmed me down and it meant alot to me that he didn't forget that i was there...beside him. He turned back and kept taking notes here and there and i admired how composed he looked, how he focused, how his answers, suggestions were heard and taken.

I picked up the pen that was infront of me and decided to take some notes too...i mean, why not. I startted jotting down key stuff that were being mentioned and i started to pick up on what they were saying. It began to make sence to me alittle. I looked up and noticed s3oods smiling eyes on me, although his lips didnt twitch. He saw the notes that i have written and reached over with his pen in his hand. I wanted to see what he was doing but his arm hindered me from seeing what he was writing down. His perfume seemed to captivate me and it set me awake alittle. Seconds later he lifted his arm and at the top left hand corner of my paper was a smiley face. I immediatley smiled...a wide one and looked up at him but he was busy talking to the man on the other side of the table. I looked back at my paper and joy filled me up. He really understood how nervous i was and he kept glancing at me every now and then and he was happy to see me assimilate. Maybe today he can see that i am capable of the company's work demands and that i am a good assistant to him and his work.

S3ood faced me and tipped his head closer, my heart drummed faster, i stared at his dazzling brown eyes, his manly features..when his voice interrupted me,

"wain il cd ?" whispered s3ood.

"umm kaho.." i motioned to it from under my papers.

"okay...goomay 3ashan n7i6a oo nbalish ilpresentation..."

"o-okay..." i stammered and got up. We walked up to the laptop on the end of the table, we put the cd in, and turned the projector on. S3ood turned off the lights and i clicked on the icon on the bottom and the slide took the whole screen. s3ood came over to me, i held the table for support cause i was really nervous.

"5ala9 gi3day entay...." said s3ood to me. I thanked god and seated myself.

Moments later the presentation started. S3ood was explaining the company's progress regarding the marketing method that the company has been using. Since s3ood is the head of the marketing area of the company it is his feild and speciality to discuss this. He was literate, knowlegeable and spoke with alacrity that was like a magnet which drew all the people on the table's attention toward him. He finished discussing the first quarter and he reached the slides that i made...the graphs. I smiled and i felt proud of myself for doing these slides. S3ood discussed each graph and moved to the others smoothly. He began talking about the second quarter and the challenges he faced, he went to the laptop and clicked for the next slide to come up. The second quarter graph that is. I looked at him, then i saw his face puzzled then alarmed. I looked at the slide that was displayed on the projector and .....

Oh no....!!!! This cant be happening....!!!

S3ood moved to the next slide and the one after that....then looked at me. I gulped as i saw his jaw clenched and his eyes shooting daggers my way. He called me and i stood up and went to him with my legs quacking.

"sheno hatha...?" he hissed to me.

"u-umm madry...y-ymkin i copied bl'3ala6..."

"bil'3ala6..?!" he stared at me with his livid eyes.

"a-aroo7 ayeeb ilgraphs bsir3a oo ayee..." i sujested desperately. He looked at me hard, then looked back at the people on the table forced a smile to them and hissed to me, "bsir3a !"

I fled away and practically ran to my office cursing myself along the way. I ran to my computer and started saving the quarter two graphs on the flash.

OMG.....whats wrong with me...?! i copied quarter one graphs twice....ymkn mn ilsir3a i copied qaurter one graphs instead of quarter two graphs....so there were two sets of quarter one graphs....5ara...!!! s3ood is going to kill me...he will...i can feel it...!!! fashalta jidam the people...kil ilnas ilmohimeen bilsharika were there oo his presentation was missing, incomplete....how would that make him feel...his ego, pride......??

As soon as i copied the graphs, i ran back up stopped ifront on the meeting room, adjusted my skirt, knocked and got in. I handed s3ood the flash, he took it and set it on the table. I sat back on my chair and noticed that he carried on with the presentation, i felt my stomach get queasy. After about 15 minutes the presentation ended and s3ood turned on the lights and sat back down beside me. I could feel his body tense although he was talking casually to the people on the table.

Would it be rude if i left the table...?

I looked back at my paper and saw the smiley face and a lump formed in my throat. I failed him....miserably, He'll never forgive me, i wouldnt be surprised if he fired me a9lan. The meeting ended..finally. People started there way out and i stood up and walked to the flash that was laying on the table. I picked it up and stared at it, god im stupid !!! The meeting room was empty now...i sat down with the flash in my hand as silent tears pricked my cheeks. I got out of the meeting room and went to my desk. I slumped on the chair as guilt raced through me. I dont know what excuse he gave them about why the graphs were missing ...how humiliating it must've been to him. Kil ilnas ilmohimeen ille bilsharika were there and i dont want them to get a wrong impression of him 'cause he's perfect ! Its me who did this, and even though he might have told them they would still maybe blame him for not revising the graphs with me and for trusting a new employee. OMG..he trusted me !

"zain...shfeech...?" said mariam with a concerned look on her face. I recited to her everything that happened. "abaai....enzain oo shsawaa.."

"madry mashifta...6ila3 oo mashifta ba3adha...."

"zain abe agolich shay..." i looked up at her, "tara s3ood sho'3la perfect...its s3ood....he doesnt do something unless hes sure its presentable..."

"i know...3ashan chethee when i give him my work y6ali3 alf sha'3la fee..."

Mariam nodded with agreement, " plus...ohwa wayid yi7tarmona bilsharika...oo akbar daleel enna 7a6oo ra2ees ilmarketing section oo ohwa 9'3eer bas 3omra 29 !"



"a5aaf...." Mariam smiled to me,

"ti2asifay o inshalla yifham..." she said as she got up and went. I looked at the phone, just one button and i would call s3ood, bss its not right to apoligize this way...i have to see him. I took a deep breath, what am i going to do. He must be furious now, oo a5aaf minna !!! I picked up my mobile and dialled 5alid's number..5anshoof shegoolee asawee..

He didnt pick up...i dialled again and again...

Waina ?!


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mulish (5)

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6ila3t barra m3a9ba....ib ay 7ag yitihimni oo y9adig hal chathaba...! wallah law yitzawijon a7sanlohom lena 7adhom laygeen 3ala ba3a'6!

i went to my desk and started calming myself down, i looked around to see where shoug was but she wasnt there....wallah good for her chan nataft'ha!
I just wanted the day to be over with....i glanced at my watch and i had 34 minutes exactly till i get out of here.

Jassim saw me and came over to me, "hala wallah..."



"mafeene shay bss lay3a chabdi mn ilnas elle hnee...."


"hehe la2 moenta...i meant shoug oo s3ood...."


i told him shlon shoug is being ensana 7mara oo shlon s3ood malee8 shayif roo7a oo walashay yi3jiba.

"oo bas..."

"bas...?!! kill hatha oo bas.....?!" he mused. I laughed."lat7ateen entay bss saway sho'3lich oo 3a6eehom skip...."

"ya3ne...t'haga chethee..."

"mit2akid..." he grinned. He's soooo cute !! At that time the phone rang, i picked it up.

"alooo....ba3ad ?! meta tasleema...? ahaaa....okay....bss 3ady a5tha minnich entay...la mabee adish 3alai....please....okay thanks...kani el7een 9a3da..."


"laaa we! hathee his secretary tgoole a93ad foug 3indi another paper work to do..." i said as i got up.

"okay...nshofich...." said jassim as i went to the elevator. I got in and entered s3oods office to the secretary.

"hiiii..wain ilawrag....?"

"sorry bss istaaz s3ood aaal enno lazim etshofeee...."

"bass...." ooh fine !! "okay....."

I knocked and went into s3oods office, i'll just get the papers and get out. I got in and stood infront if his desk waiting for the papers to be handed to me and just get the hell out of here.

"hathee awragich...abeech t5al9eenhom bacher gabil ilsa3a 1...oo ra7 tit2a5irain bacher lena fee ijtima3....oo kawnich wa7da yideeda lazim tyeen 3ashan tit3alimain oo tiktasbain 5ibra...." he said as he looked at me, bss i was quiet the whole time just waiting for him to give me the papers.
"ma3indich as2ila....?"


"okay..." he handed me the papers, i moved to leave when he stood up and came to me, i froze in my place. "oo 3an tawamsaa3...an9a7ich matkalmeeni ib hal 6aree8a, oo tit9arifain ibtahawir ma3ay...."

"enta ma3a6aitny for9a ashra7lik...."

"7attan law...ennich ti6li3een oo ana at7acha...oo matsakreen ilbab mayamshee ma3ay....lat3edeenha..." he gazed into my eyes. I hate him!!!!! i really really do !!!
i glared back at him, took the papers from his hands and walked away, closing the door. i went out of his office and took my bag to head out since my day is over. I got home and dialled 5alids number since i always do before i sleep but he didnt pick up, i dialled a while later and he had another line....i didnt wait for him, i slept the whole day from exhaustion and fury.

The next day i headed to work early, and went straight to my desk to start working. I had to make charts and graphs of the gross income of the company these last two quarters. I started working immediately inorder to get it done before 1pm. it was 12:30 and i still didnt finish....i started panicking!

"shfeech...hadai you'll get it done....yalla work..." reassured me mariam.

I kept working fast and hard, oh god i was no way close to finishing it. At 1pm my phone rang and i ignored it and resumed my work. At 1:15pm ..after so many calls i picked up.

"aloooo....ee...ee...ee adry bss lail7een ma5ala9t...goleela b3d shwy....okay.."

I shut the phone and worked like crazy with my mind racing on thoughts of s3ood mad up in his office.People left and i and a few were left in the office working. At 1:45pm my phone rang again and it was s3oods secretary again telling me that i have to get it done so that they include it in the slide show befor 4pm which is when the meeting starts. i reassured her that i will get it done and started on my last graph for the second quarter. When i noticed a figure approaching me, i turned around to see s3ood approaching me, his jaw clenched.

"lail7een ma5ala9tay...?"

"l-la2...bss ka el7een..."

"ana bas ma36eech two quarters !! oo mogadra t5al9eenhom ?! shimsawya 6ool ilyoum...."

"ga3da ashto'3il 3alaihom..."

"oo lail7een ma5ala9tay..." he glanced at his watch, "el7een sa3a 3:00 meta bit5al9eenhom oo ilijtima3 ba3ad sa3a...."

"enzain laish m3a9ib...."

"lena killish mo3al mawa3eed entay....oo ma7ib chethee !!!"

"bas ana tawne yideeda.....oo enta 9ayirlik sneen...fa latloomni etha i wasnt on time !!" i spat back in defence. He took a deep breath and his eyes were scary....but he just said,

"enzain malada3ee ilhwash el7een...5al9ay sho'3lich...oo b3dain 7i6ehom 3ala slides 44 lai 57...kil graph ib 9af7a...okay..."

"okay..." i said.

"el7een a6arishlich ilpresentation 3ala ilcomputer..." he said as he went. I finished my graph at around 3:15pm...i quickly saved them on to the slides and got up to the meeting room...where the meeting was gonna start. I got in and the meeting room consisted of a long table with chairs on both sides and a chair on the head of the table. Water, files, papers, pens were infront of every chair. A while later the head of the company came in and sat at the head of the table, other important figures in the company soon joined in, the table was filled with men...and only two women..i stood nervously not knowing what to do aw sheno maw8i3ee bainhom. Then s3ood got in and he greeted the people and they looked like they were all a fond of him, he looked so handsome and elegant and sophisticated in dealing with them. I was so lost.

But then i felt an a hand rest on my arm, "imshay yallah....5anig3ad ib amakina..." whispered s3ood in my ear as he led us to out places..the last empty chairs on the table.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Mulish (4)

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After talking to 5alid as we do every night before i go to bed, i was contempt and slept. The alarm sounded and i shut it dreading the fact that im gonna have to go to work and indure s3ood's torture all over again. I quickly dressed and headed to work.

"saba7 il5air..." greeted me mariam as she sat besides me. I resited to her everything that happened yesterday after she left, "abaaaai sheno hathaa...mo9a7ee"

"eee shasawy....madry shbe9eer elyoum b3d....ya3ne 9ij mali5ilga...!"

"allah y3eenich...yallah ana 5al aroo7 ashti'3l .." she smiled and walked to her desk. I turned and faced my desk...shasaawy el7een, i have nothing to do. I got up walking around, checked my computer to see if there are any messages for me to recieve my new work wala shay...bss mako shay. I felt useless walking around the company, i contemplated going to s3ood's secretary to ask wether or not he assigned something for me to do...but i decided not to. So i decided to leave and go get me some things to decorate my desk with...it looked soo plain, so professional. I left and headed to IKEA and started grabbing all sorts of stuff that would look good on my desk. I decided to buy everything in bright colors...to be inviting ya3ne. I ve been gone for two hours and decided that i should get back now.

I got into the company, with my bags in my hand and headed to my office to sort the stuff out. I pulled out my new pencil holder and shoved the pens in it. I was busy setting my desk when my phone rang.


"zain enteee wayniiik !!!!"

"uh kani....knt 6al3a...laish..."

"ya allah ta3ee bsir3a ....staz s3ood bedoo yakii..."

"umm okay..." i gulped and headed to s3ood's office. I went in and the secretary gave me an apologetic look before i knocked on s3oods door and entered. He was standing, his posture rigid he looked at me and i felt my legs shake.

"momkin tgoleenle wain kintay..." he said with his voice deathly calm. I gulped and answered him,

"kint 6al3a..."

"6al3a....? laish ....."

"lena makan 3-3indy shay...." it felt stupid, i know i wasnt supposed to go...but i really had nothing to do.

"y3ne kilmarra maykoon 3ndich shay bti6li3een....?"


"zain...entay tabeen tishta'3lain..? lena fee wayid nas '3airich nigdar nsha'3ilhom" he said.

I looked up at him and nodded, "ee...hamni..akeed"

"lena shaklich killish mo mihtamma.....ams elawrag kanat mo3adla...elyoum 6al3a mnkaifich, oo entay 9ayrlich youmain hnee....sh5alaitay 7ag ilbajee..." I didnt answer him. '3al3omoom ra7 aktib feech ta8reer ..." i looked up,


"ta8reer 3alla elle sawaitee elyoum...." he said as he went to his desk and sat down.


"oo ra7 a6arishlich sho'3lich elyoum...." he looked up, "wayid...3ashan maykoon 3ndch 7ijja ti6li3een..."

I was quiet and i was so close to cry bs i wont cry infront of halmalee8 oo i now inna what i did was wrong but atleast 5al y5aleene ashra7la..!! I looked up wala he was looking at me it looked like he said something,


"tigdireen tro7een...a6arish sho'3lich bilcomputer..."

"ahh okay..." i said and left the office. i went to my desk, grabbed my phone and went to the bathroom and called 5alid.


"5alid..." my voice shivered.

"shfeech 7ayatee..."

I cried and told him everything, and that my dad was right, and that i will never succeed in anything.....i cried everything out to him.

"shhh 7abeebty...la bil3ks entay gadha oo gdood...oo abeech twareenhom entay sheno....ana wathi8 minnich oo enich tigdireen tsaween kilshay....."


"hatha il9ij...yallah '3aslay wayhich oo t2asifay mina..."

"la maby..."

"lat9eereen 3aneeda..t2asifay minna oo 7i6ay kilhatha waraach oo balshay 9a7.....okay...?"

"emmm okay...."

"3afya 3al sh6ra..."




"mokithree...yallah mama waraach sho'3ol.."

"hehe ee....bye..."

I shut the phone and went to my desk. I immediately started working on the work he sent me, for hours, trying my besk to show him that i am serious about this job. After two hours, it was the lunch break so i took that chance to go down and get me some coffee. After ordering my coffee i sat down with my papers in my lap and revising the work i just did. Moments later, s3ood came down and as soon as i saw him i called out for him, for 5alid's sake i was gonna apologize...

"stath s3ood...." i called as i stood up. s3ood turned and saw me and i saw confusion in his eyes, "ummm bas ba'3ait at2aasaf 3an elyoum oo mara7 asawee chethee mara thanya..." i managed quickly, not meeting his eyes. He didnt answer so i looked up and to my surprise i saw a hint of humor in his brown eyes. I stared back and smiled, a hint of a smile touched his lips,

"ashoof yayba sho'3lich weyach..." he motioned to the papers on my table, i looked back at him and smiled,

"eeee...3ashan matgool enna nagi9...." i joked. He looked at me,

"ensoof..... 3ashan ma5aleech t3eedina...." he said arrogantly and walked away.

WTF...?!!?!? SH8I9AT HAL RAYAL ...?!!? faj2a he was good and i thought that we reached an agreement b3dain he drops his haughty face and remarks and walks away...!

I clenched my jaw and sat back down on my table.

"sheno kan ygoolich s3ood..." i heard shougs voice. I turned,

"wala shay mohim..." and looked back at my paper, mali5ulgha.

"bss shakla kan elshay mohim...."

ana broo7e mitnarfiza oo killish monag9at'ha, "okay mohim ..bss mohim t3arfeen..."
i felt her studying me then she left.

After the lunch break i went and finished my work and went to s3ood's office to hand it to him. I went into the office and his secretary told me to wait since he has someone inside. I waited for a while then the door opened and my eyes widened, shoug walked out of s3oods office, grinned at me and exited the office. I stood up and reluctantly got into s3oods office. I handed him the papers and he took them, scanned them and set them on the table. I was relieved.

"gi3day zain...."

I sat down and he took a deep breath,"zain shi8i9itich ma3 shoug..."

I looked up at him, "shoug,,,??? shfeene weyaha.."

"ilbnaya ga3da tishtiky enna matlageenha wayh oo nafsiya ma3 ilmowa'6ifeen entay...."


"zain 7awlay tit2a8limain 3ala wa'63 ilsharika oo lazim tit3amilain ma3 ilmowa'6ifeen elle weyach ib nafsiya 7ilwa...."

"oo enta 9adagt'ha...? ana zaina ma3 ilkil...."

"hatha mosho'3lee ana...a7il mashakil...bss 7abait agoolich..."

I stood up and stared at him, "oo mafakart shma3na yaitlik enta bilthaat...bain kil elle bilsharika....shma3na shtakatlik enta...?!"

He looked at me, and replied furiously, "sh8a9dich...ib hal 7achee...." he looked at me feircely. I glared at him, i wanted to say more, but i just walked away....leaving his door open ! 7mar ! oo 7mara !

inshalla wn im free i'll post 4 u guys longer posts.....

bare with me...

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mulish (3)

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I stood there msa6la shwy...y3ne jad 6a7saa oo madry shasawy. I pressed the elevator button and then got in going to the 39th floor. I sat at my desk staring at the papers in my hand.I had to revise a bank statement that s3ood wrote and edit it, print it and get it to s3ood by......i stared at my watch....5ara....three hours bass !!! I turned on the computer and stared at the paper for a while msa6la....littereraly msa6la..!!

"ohh so wi9alich your paper work..." said jassim standing behind me, "yebay 5al ashoof..." he took the paper and started scanning them then he grinned, "allah y3eenich....3ad ma7a6och ella 3ind s3ood...hatha killish mayir7am..."

"shlon ya3ne..." i asked helplessly.

"y3ne kilshay lazim ykoon perfect !" he looked at my disheveled look and smiled, "5al asa3dich shwy kisartay 5a6re...." he set his work in the table and leaned over as he showed me what to do on the computer and how the work had to be done.

"mashkoooooor....7adik in8a'6...." i said as i started editing. I was too engrossed into the work with my phone on silent and the papers scattered all over my desk and didnt notice mariam comming, i just saw a cup of coffee on my desk. I looked up at mariam. "thank youuuu...." i said as i sipped the coffee.

"this is the first day...oo chethee....bsss matinlamain etha 7a6eenich ma3 s3ood....yuma y5ari3ny tara wallah...mayi'67ak y3ne shda3awa 3alai....elkil y5af minna ..actually they respect him wayid ...wallah agolich....la y5afoon minna..."

"i get your point..." i giggled.

"shkithir bigalich...." she said and looked at the computer.

"wallah mowayid....abaaai awal marra ashti'3il halkithir ib this amount of time...." i sighed.

"wallah 3ad ma3 s3ood espect the unexpected...yalla see you..." she said and went to her booth. I cracked my neck and resumed my work. At about 12pm, jassim passed by and told me that its the lunch break, although i wasnt really hungry but i needed energy since its all been wasted on this stupid paper work. I went with jassim to the first floor and headed over to starbucks, i ordered a muffin and sat on the table with a magazine in my hand. i can atleast enjoy this half an hour with celebrity gossip i guess....i giggled to myself.

"Hi...." came a high-pitched female voice. I looked up at shoug. I looked around, but she was talking to me.....weird.

"uhh hi...."

She grabbed a seat and sat down putting her tray on the table. i was too surprised to speak.

"3ady mo9a7..." she said after she sat down.

"ee...." b3d sheno y3ne...b3d mabasa6ay. i nibbled on my muffin silently.

"ana shoug....ham yideeda...9arly 1 week hnee..."

"ahhh...ana tawne elyoum..." She looked at me.

"entay.....uhhh ma3 s3ood mo9a7...." haha i was waiting for his name to be brought up. I nodded. "3ad kint abee a9eer weyaa...bsss yallah...." she said and ate her pannini and eyed me.

"fee shay..." i asked.

"uhh la bas shaklich 7ilo....iltop 7ada cute ma3 ilskirt..."

"ahh umm mashkoora..." uffff inshalla tgoom...this is really awkward. "ummm laish kintay tabeen t9eereen ma3 s3ood...?"

She seemed takenback by my bluntness but soon recovered and smiled, "laish matadreen...?"

I looked at her blankly."s3ood was my ex."

My eyes widened. She was his EX...oo she works in the same company that he works in oooo she wanted to be with him.....


"bas were still close...." she waved her hand, "actually really close....a7is he still has feelings for me bainy oo bainich...la2 i know he does...."

Sh'hal thi8a. Plus, shes telling me too much..ya3ne i dont know her. At that time s3ood came with his walk so manly and his face so arrogant and stood in line to get him a snack. Wallah zain nazzal roo7a oo 6ilab 7ag roo7a oo ma6arash a7ad. He took his order and when he passed me and shoug he raised flicked a glance at us, raised an eyebrow then continued walking and went back up..to his office i presume. His stern look sent shivers throughout my body and stood up,

"lazim aroo7 a5ali9 ilpaper work....." i said quickly and went up to my desk and continued working like crazy.

After a while when i revised everything i went to the printer room and took the papers, stapled them and put them neatly into a folder and headed up to the 4oth floor. I went up and looked for s3ood's room, when i reached it i entered and got in and the his secretary looked up at me.

"mar7aba ...an azain oo 3indy awrag 7ag s3ood...e7m..stath s3ood..." i corrected.

"ahhh da2ee2a shwy....." she called s3ood, "uhh staz s3ood...zain 3indha awra2 ellak...ahhh okay..." she shut the phone, "5ala9 ana bsalimloo yahon...."

"ahh okay,,," i smiled, handed her the papers and walked out with a weight being lifted from me. I walked to my office and sat with a smile on my face, my first work is done..completed. I checked my mobile and found two messages from 5alid.


sima3t enna fee 7ilwa ib sharikat *****...;p

rec. 11:03am


shlon ilsho'3ol...3ijabich ?

rec. 12:13pm

I smiled, i was about to answerhim when my phone on my table rang. I picked it up,

"aloo...zain...? "

"ee na3am..."

"ana rana secertairat stath s3ood...bass ezaa feeke tijee la2ano bedoo yaki...."

"ahh okay.." i shut the phone. I headed to the room and the secertary told me to head into s3ood's room. I knocked and entered, his room was of dark wood and there were two leather couches faceing eachother in the middle seperated by a table, then his office in the end. He looked up and motioned for me to sit down. I sat and adjusted my skirt...waiting for him to praise my hard work..being a new employee. He cleared his throat.

"uhhh...." he seemed to be looking for my name on the paper.

"zain..." i said.

"entay mi8tan3a billi ma36atnee yaa..." he said with the papers in his hand. I looked up and nodded hesitantly. "ah....bss hathaa mokamil..nagi9....tigdereen tgoleen enna killish mokamil...." he set the papers on the table. I looked at the papers my eyes fixed on them. He rubbed his head and said, "abeech t3edeena..."

"sheno...." i looked up.

"abeech t3edeena..." he answered, when i didnt respond he added, "lazim tbalsheen fee el7een 3alashan ta36eene yaa gabil nihayat ildawam...."

"bass ana mofahma shfee..." i looked up at him, hurt.

" ahh...."

"zain !" i said clipply.

"zain...hatha sho'3ol oo lazim ykoon 5alee mn il3yoob youm a8adma 7ag ilbank....oo hathaa..." he motioned for the papers, "hathaaa.....mashoof enna yi9la7 enne a8adma ya3ne..."

"wallah ana mashoof fee shay..." i cut him.

He raised an eye brow, "oo ana agoolich enna lazim t3eedeena.....5alay a7ad ysa3dich fee..."

I looked into his brown eyes and a lump formed in my throat, but i squared my shoulders and stood up oo madait eedi 3ashan ya36eene the papers.

"malhom da3ee...abeech t3eedeena killa...." His phone rang and he answered it, i was still standing and he looked up at me, "tigdireen tro7een...."

I raised my chin and turned around walking with long strides out of the room. But when i got into the elevator i sagged and dried my damp eyes. I went to my desk and started working on it all over again, mariam assisted me...so did jassim...and i was truly grateful. It was 3pm and i still didnt finish.

"yalla ana mashya...allah y3eenich 7abeebty..." said mariam and headed out. I was the only one left along with another employee. After i collected the papers from the printing room, i headed to s3ood's office. I entered and the secretary had already left, so i knocked on his door.

"tfa'6al..." i heard. I entered and walked to his desk.

"ilawraag..." i said as i handed him the papers. He scanned the papers, then set them on the table.

"okay..." he said.

Okay....OKAY ?!? i worked my ass off...oo i only get an "okay"......

I turned to leave,

"nshofich bacher..."

I forced a smile and headed out. I got into the car and dialled 5alids number,

"aloo...wainich 7ayate "

"tawne 6al3a mn ilsharika..."


"lena my paper work mo3ajib stath s3ood 7a'6rita oo galee a3eeda..."

"hahaa hatha awal youm oo chethee.."

"ee shift shlon....offff 7adi ta3bana..."

"Ya7alatta wallah....yalla roo7ay ilbait..ta'3aday oo t7amimay oo i5theelich noma..."

"hmmm...shaklee im gonna skip everything o head straight to bed...for a nap...."

"hehe 3afya 3al sha6ra....yallah tabeen shay..."

"salamtik 7abeeby..." i shut the phone. I got home and saw my mom and dad in the 9ala. uhhh i have to look like i can handle everything to my dad, the sooner he thinks im capable of working the sooner i get to work at his company and away from s3ood.I straightened my shoulders and put a smile on my face,"hala...."

My father looked up, "haa shlon ilsho'3ol..."

"wallah zain....wanasa..mo shay magdar 3alai..." i said to him.


*Mulish: stubborn

Luv u ;**


Mulish (2)

Luv u guys....;** oo missed u 6ab3an ;p

ENJOY ;))))



uhhhhhhh maleee8 !!!!!!

I stepped out of the elevator and headed to M7amad Al-Flani's office. He is incharge of the employees in general y3ne tawtheefhom oo firing them oo chethee...

I walked and passed by rows of booths with people too engrossed in their work to look up, i enterd a long corridors and read the names until i reached M7amad's office.

I knocked and entered, he looked at me and smiled.

"entay akeed zain...." he beamed at me and shook my hand.

"ee na3am....ya mar7aba feek...." He motioned for me to sit down and so i sat. He pulled out my file and started skimming through it, his bulky glasses were set at the edge of his nose and i couldnt help but smile at the sight of him. He looked up and smiled back,

"entay awal marra tishta'3lain mo hethee...." i nodded. "5ala9 ra7 awathfich oo a5aleech ma3 sho'3ol 5afeef 3ala awal shay daam inich yideda....oo lat5afeen fee ham thalatha hal sboo3 wa'6afnaahom faa tsa3doon ba3a'6...."

"ee ashwaa...hehe..." i laughed, "lena 9ara7attan ma3arif wala shay.."

"la lat5afeen oo ra7 a3ayin a7ad yishrif 3alaikom 6ab3an 3ashan ytabi3 ta8adomkom.....la7'6a bas 5al at2akad entay meno elle...." he pulled out a paper..."oo 7a'6ich 7ilo...entay ma3 ilthalath elle tawa mitwathfeen ...elle ra7 yishrif 3alaikom stath fawaz oo ohwa 9ayerla moda fee halsharika faa ay istifsaar tro7oon 3inda....."


"yallah 3ayal 5angom awadeech 3ind fawaz 3ashan y3arfich 3al sharika oo ham 3ala maktabich...."


We headed out and one of the office booths in the middle stood a man who i suspected was fawaz. he smiled and b3d ma3arafna m7amad 3ala ba3a'6 he started right away with touring around the company.

"oo hnee '3orfat il ijtima3at....." he motioned. Outside of the glass i saw a long table with people sitting and a person presenting some sort of thing on the projector, among the people on the table was the arrogant s3ood that i met in the elevator earlier, i cringed. Fawaz looked at me and smiled, "mitwatra....?"

"uhhh laa y3ne...madry...." i giggled. We moved to the floor below where my office would be. The floor was surrounded by offices and in the middle were offices that were booths....y3ne maftoo7een 3ala ba3a'6. On the corner was an empty table, with a chair, computer and a few equipments in teh booth.

"hatha maktabich....oo ilprinting, scanning room 3al 6araf hnaak..." he motioned to a room at the corner. "etha tabeene ri39ay A34....hatha ra8am my booth foug...entay ra8mich B 27...." he smiled, "ay istifsaar shay...si2leene motisti7een...."

"akeed..." i said as i inspected my too plain office, thats not what i had in mind. I've got serious shopping to do 3ashan a3adil shakla shway...asawee ...ana.

"t3arifay 3ala ile mawjoodeen hnee 3alama ayeeblich your first papper work...."

"okay...." i turned around at the people around me, we were seperated by barriers. A girl looked up at me and came over.

"Hi...entay yideeda ba3ad..."

"eee..tawne mitwa'6faaa oo entay..."

"ana awal ams....." she smiled, "ana mariam..."

"oo ana zain..." i shook hands with her. She sat on my chair and crossed her skinny legs and pulled her black hair to her side and i leaned on my table.

"elle hnaak....shoug...yideeda ba3ad bs 7adha nafsiya..." i followed her gaze to the third booth across from mine, shoug looked up and then looked back at her computer. "tara ehya chethee wayid shayfaa roo7ha....yimkin lena t3arif ra2ees 8i9m iltaswee8 foug...."

"shkithir ya3ne..." i raised a brow with a grin.

"hehe....ana elle a3arfa...actually sima3ta...ena wayid...wayid...."

"ahaaaa....." i said still looking at shoug. She was cute...y3ne mrataba...madry....ufff....shako minha. "oo meno ilthaltha...."

"actually ilthalith....ohwa jassim...kaho hnaak...wayha baby face shwaya...."

"ee ya7laila yshawig...." he was cute...i mean he had manly features bss he was cute nonetheless. He looked up and came over.

"oohh entay il'6a7iya ilyideeda haa..." he flashed the cutest smile.

"eeee...i guess" i laughed.

"yabolich your "paper work"..."

"la2 lail7een...laish..."

"a7ib agoolich 6i7say....lena wayid ta3ab...." he said as he headed to the printing room.


"eee....bainy oo bainich ohwa ilwa7eed elle akalma wayid elbajyeen maylagoom wahy oo shoug 5aleeha 3ala kitir....."

"allah y3eenna...." i said looking around.

" jassim his paper work ma3a stath na9er oo 7ada 3a9abi.....maskeen.....wla shay yi3jiba..."

"oo entay..."

"ana ma3 wa7da esimha salwa..i have to re-arrange and revise her work oo chethee...bas tshawig y3ne ahwan mn na9er..."

"oo hatheech..shoug..."

"ma3 na9er ba3ad...bs kanat tabee 3ind elle 5obry 5obrich..." she winked.

"ahhh 3ind hathaak ra2ees 8ism iltaswee8...." i answered, mariam nodded giggling.

Then rang my phone, i picked it up, "wanasa my first call......" i smiled to mariam, "alooo...hala stath fawaz....ee okay kani el7een a93ad...." i shut the phone, "yabeene a5ith my paper work..allah yister...." i smiled and walked to the elevator. I pressed 40 and when the elevator door opened wala i face.....s3ood. He grinned arrogantly at me,

"lail7een '6ai3a...." he said. I stepped out of the elevator and thank god that fawaz came over to me.

"zain..kaho your paper work...esim elle ra7 tsalmeena your work maktoob....." he smiled, he turned to s3ood who was watching with a bored look on his face, "hala s3ood...."


I looked at s3ood...sheno ma3inda '3air halkilma..."hala"....ifffff ma'3roor....

"ahh etha ma5aab '6ani a3ti8id ennich entay weyaa zain...."

"SHENO..." eyes widened. I looked at my paper and unfortunately it read s3ood Al-Flani. I squeezed my eyes shut, moma38oola im gonna have to deal with him....finish his work for him.....laaaaaa2..."magdar a'3ayir...." i pleaded to fawaz ignoring s3ood, "3ady a9eer ma3 salwa..."

"fawaz...ana shi'3lee wayid ooo mabee wa7da ma3indaha 5ibra..." said s3ood to fawaz. I should have been offended but i was in desperate need not to work for him...

Fawaz just shrugged, "asif bss magdar asawee shay......" and walked away. I stood there staring at my paper work, when the unexpected happened,

"ana s3ood Al-flani...." he said. I looked up, was he introducing himself to me.....ta6awir wallah.

"modeer 8i9m iltaswee8...."

"ana zain Al-flani..yideeda..umm oo bas....." i said. Then it hit me.....la7'6a did he just say...noo i must've heard wrong..."umm inta ra2ees 8ism sheno..."

"iltaswee8...." he repeated and sensed my discomfort. He was elle kanat tabee shoug tkoon weyaa..oo elle she's allegedly close with.....i sighed...allah y3eene 3alaiha ...i cast a look at s3ood...oo 3alaih..

He interrupted my thoughts, "abeech t5al9een ilawraag elle beedich elyoum.."

"na3am..?!" i looked at him surprised, "tawne ma3arf shay.....3a6ne wagt...."

He looked at his watch and pressed the elevator button, "elyoum....." he said and stepped into the elevator.



*Mulish: stubborn

Luv u ;****


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i know i know....

Kaboot 9ayra mo5oush blogger halcham youm....


A) I'm not commenting back at ur comments bs I am reading each and everyone..:p
B) I'm not posting posts....

Bsss that's because

A) I'm busyyy
B) wayid ta3bana hal ayam (ga3da a3ayiz bsir3a)
C) INTERNETY M5ARIF !!!!! Jad y3ne enarfiz ma3wayha...I'm gonna
get it fixed oo inshalla ull get the same old closi back :D

A7ibkommmmmmmmm wayid :))))

P.S. Mishtahya cupcakes !!! Every kind...mn kilmokan !!
P.P.S. Shraykom ib the new story o:)
P.P.P.S. I'm gonna post an epilogue 3an noora oo 6alal :D
P^4.S. Mako shay bs 7abait asawee 7araktee ille p to the power ;p

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Zain xx Kuwait

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mulish ( 1)

Hope u like it...;p

Dedicated to Chanel....Happy B-day...;*****

ENJOY ;)))


I opened my eyes gabil mayrin ilalarm…..whoa !! that ought to be something !!

I hopped out of bed and hummed on my way to the bathroom. I took my morning shower, sashwart my long light brown and tied it into a sleek ponytail. I applied my makeup which was beige eyeshodow and mascara., rosy cheeks and a light pink lipstick. I pulled off my boxer and tanktop and wore my highwaisted beige skirt with a white top that had a bow near the neck. I put on my accessories, my black peep toe heels and grabbed my classic black chanel bag and stood infront of the mirror.

I have to look perfect..i have to !!!

I looked at my reflection and my smile disappeared.

Waaai3….china the bow kbeera ?….uffff…..oo china my makeup molayig….oo wai3 my dimple …u555 I hate it !!! Mo chena im overdressed…..?!??

I sat on the bed and staring at myself in the mirror. I was excited about my job that i picked out my outfit since yesterday oo i had every little detail planned of how to look for my first day over there....bsss thats not what i expected. I need somone to comfort me...to give me a push...ayshay !!

I picked the phone and dialled 5alids number.....

"Aloo..." Answered 5alids sleepy voice,

" wee sorry 7ayate ga3adtik..."


"Shakle ylawi3 ilchabd ...." I complained.

"Entay..? Mosta7eel...."

"5alid mn9iji...!! Shaklee malee8....!!! Madry shasawee..."

"7abeebty....latfakreen wayid oo adry enich tyanineen..fa gommay oo twakilay.."


"Oo ta3alay...its not like u want the job soo who cares..."

"Eee 9a7....waaaai thank u 7ayatee yalla nam....mwaaa"

I shut the phone and smiled. Me and 5alid have been together for two years, oo
I don't know what I would do without him. I took a deep breath and headed to my car. I hopped into the car and drove off to my job.

5alid was right…it's not like I really wanted the job but I had to prove to my dad that I am capable of working at his company and that I'm qualified. Two months ago when I graduated I went to my dad to hire me at his company but he refused. He told me that people over there would treat me differently since I'm his daughter and that way I'm not gonna learn anything. I have to get some experience from another place and then when HE thinks I'm able of working at his company he'll hire me. I admitt i am kindof spoiled but i really dont want him to think that im the kind of girl that relies on her dad on everything. So i agreed with what he said and here I am heading to my new job and I will prove to my dad that i am independent and I'm gonna show him how good I am.

With a smile on my face, I took a deep breath and entered the company. I went to the information.

"law sama7t…wain alagee m7amad Al-Flani…?"

"a5er 6abi8…."


I entered the crowded elevator and pressed the last button which was "40". The elevator door was about to close then a masculine hand held it and stepped in. He was tall…I mean tall tall…adorned in his white dishdasha and '3itra, his features were sharp but he was boyishly handsome. He got in and stood infront of me…how rude I thought…but its not like he has another place to stand in. The people in the elevator greeted him,

"hala…9aba7 il5air….shlonik s3ood….." all sorts of greetings but standing in my postion I couldn’t see his facial expression all I could hear was his deep masculine voice saying

"hala hala….."

Waaai3…el7een ilmasakeen ga3deen ysalmoon 3alaik oo kil elle tigdar tgoola ohwa "hala hala…"

But he does smell good I have to admit…I stood there staring at his broad shoulders, not being able to see anything else from his figure. The elevator kept stopping at different floors and people kept getting out 'till only me and him were left.

Okay…el7een the elevator mafee a7ad…laish wagif jidami..y3ne wa5ir iffff….

I released an exasperated breath and I felt him jerk a little then turn at me in surprise. He studied me with his dark eyes with eyebrow raised. I just stared back at this man who seemed like he was so full of himself !

"'6ai3a…..?" he asked.

My eyes widened, "la2…" I retorted.

"wain ray7a 3ayal….?"

"ray7a…" then his phone rang and he picked it up and completely ignored me. I stood there looking at him shocked. How rude….9ij mayisti7i 3ala wayha…y3ne I was talking…!!!

I listened to him blabbering about madry ay saham….and I just stared at the screen waiting for us to reach the 40th floor. He shut his phone and looked at me,

"kintay tgooleen….?" He inquired.

"walashay…." I glared back and at that time the elevator door opened and I went out and I swore that I heard a chuckle.

Uhhhhhh Malee8….


*Mulish = stubborn
Luv u ;*


Saturday, June 13, 2009

My One and Only (EPILOGUE 2)

Since i promised u guys another epilogoue....;p

Here is a day...ib their married life....;p




Rija3t mn 3rs 6alal oo di5alt ilbait. Lulu kanat bil 9ala mjabla illaptop, shafatne oo ibtasmat.

"haaa shlon kan 3irs 6alal....."

"Wallah 7ilo.....allah ytamim 3alaihom..." i said as i took off the '3itra, oo gi3adt 3indaha.

Lulu nodded her head and looked back at her laptop. 7asait ib ta2neeb '6ameer....maskeena kanat tabe troo7, oo ehya wayid 3ila8at'ha 8awiya ma3 fara7 oo kanat tabee tkoon mawjooda....bss ana ma5alait'ha lena ildictor gal yabelaha ra7a..

oo 9ij y3ne gabil sbo3ain walda akeed lazimlaha ra7a......bss shakilha y3awer ilgalb, yarait law kint m5aleeha troo7 shwaya oo tirja3....

Gi'6abt eedha ib eedi, oo shafatne, "shfeek....?"

"ga3d afaker...."

"ib sheno...."

"law kint m5aleech tro7een il3irs....bas abeech t3arfeen inna 3ashanich oo 3ali gala ildictor ma5alaitich...."

She looked deep into my eyes and i saw humor in them, she looked down and her lips twitched.

"shfeech..." i was confused, that wasnt the reaction i was expecting.

"ummm...laaa bas mabeek t7is ibta2neeb '6amer....3ady wallah..."

"la2 ...y3ne ga3da bilbait akeed kan ib5a6rich ennich tro7een...."

She wanted to say something, hesitated then kissed my cheek. "ana...day5a banam...." she said as she got up.

"wain 3abood..."

"nayim 3ind ommi elyoum....mayabeena...hehe"

"oo lama...?"

"nayma bil'3orfa....el7een bachayik 3alaiha...." said lulu oo ra7at.

Ana gimt oo dashait ildar oo fi9a5t dishdashti wala ashoof ka3ab lulu 3al ar'6....ista'3rabt. Shesaweee hnee.....??Magdar agool enna 3abood m6al3a lena momawjood......
I raised an eyebrow. Ri7t 3ind il6awla oo fi9a5t sa3tee wala ashoof mikyaj lulu 3al 6awla mindithir....laish mikyajha 6ale3...etha 6ool elyoum bilbait...?!

I smiled to myself when realization hit me.....wallah oo sawaiteeha ya lulu...
I shook my head smiling.

ra'6a3t lama oo di5alt il'3orfa oo feras kan 3al frash oo yifrik reela.....

"Shfeek....6i7t..?" i said as i rushed over to him. He looked at me,

"ta3archabt ib ka3abich 3al ar'6...."

I looked bihind me.....SHIT!!! nisait ada5il my heels.....! weee 3asa mayshik bas.....

"Weee......enzain wain y3awrik 7abeeby..." i said as i massaged his foot.

"Lulu....." he said and looked up at me.

"amir 7abeeby..." i gulped.

"3ady tyeebeenle telephone 7a6a 3al 6awla......"

"tamir amir....." i went up to the table and searched for his mobile, "mashoofa....." i saaid scanning teh table.

"dawree 3adil...yimkin ma5soosh bain ilmikyaj elle 3al 6awla....."

I froze and bit my lip.....he knows !! God...im so stupid !! Sharagi3 el7een....

"uhhh...maligaita..." i said and sat beside him again. He looked at me with a lopsided grin, i looked away hiding my blushing face.


"hmmm...." i said not meething his eyes.

"ana shgiltlich...."

I faced him, "Feras....wallah sorry bs i had to go....wallah mgdart ag3ad hnee oo maroo7.....oo kaa ma9aar feene shay...." i bit my lip, "sorry....."

He chuckled and gathered me into his arms, "shai6ana shasawee feech....."

I sighed with relief, "y3ne mom3a9ib 3alai..."i said against his chest.

"7atta law kint abee..magdar...."

I giggled and hid my face in the crook of his neck and fell asleep.


Gimt no9 illail wala lulu mo3indy, gimt oo ri7t '3orfat Lama wala lulu 7a6a lama ib 7i'6inha oo shes rocked her to sleep. Ri7t oo gi3adt yam lulu, she looked at me with her sleepy eyes and laid her head on my shoulder,"mora'6ya tnaam....."

"yebeeha....." i said as lulu handed lama to me, i held lama as she stared at me wide awake with her big brown eyes...the same ones as lulu's. I started stroking her face gently....o ba3ad modda 6oweela '3ami'6at 3yoonha. "namat...." smiled a triumph smile at lulu...and i found her asleep on the couch. 7a6ait lama ib her crib oo ri7t 7ag lulu. "lulu...." i whispered.
She opened her eyes and stared at me sleepily, "namat..?" i nodded my head, "thank you..." she said as we got up and went into our room. We got into bed, i wrapped my arms around her bss she didnt sleep.


"ta3bana...." her voice quivered o bichat. Ana madry shasawy.....laish ga3da tabche....?

"laish tabcheen..." i said as i smoothed her hair.

"moga3da anam...oo jisme ta3baan...magdar at7ammal...." and snuggled closer to me.

"tabeen ni6lib nurse nafs masawaina 7ag 3abood...?" i sujjested.

"kint abee ana halmarra a3timid 3ala roo7i....a7is roo7e omm fashla ma3rf asawee shay broo7e...."

"la2 mofashla wala 3abood ma6ila3 halmittin...." i mused. She looked up at me and smiled,

"inta shlon tizawajtne..."

"wallah yabaw shai5 oo giraa 3alaina oo....." i joked. She swatted my shoulder playfully as sgiggled,

"la2 min 9iji laish tizawajtny...."

"lenich maynoona...."

She looked at me, "maynoona...?"

"ee...oo miyantich hathee never fails to amuse me...."

SHe nodded her head and closed her eyes. After a while she asked, "feras....."

"hmmm...." i mumbled sleepily.

"shkithir ana maynoona...."



"eee lenich tzawajteeny...." i said sleepily.

She kissed my forehead softly and then snuggled under my arm and slept.


Luv u ;***

Gudnight ;)))

Friday, June 12, 2009

First love..!.

I heard that its hard to forget ur first love no matter how hard u try....sowaa2
kan 7ob mn6araf wa7id aw mutual feelings....

It haunts u every now and then....weeks,months and years after....

Everything just comes back again..in a random day, random hour, random minute
It just rushes all back..every single word,feeling,moment,song u
shared comes back to you as if it were yesterday and not years ago...

And u would listen to the song u avoided all this time...
its unexplainable really....I wonder why....

I really do....


Then u snap back to reality and you carry on....leaving ur first love and its memories
Stored in the back of ur mind...waiting to be unleashed again...not knowing how
Long you'll have to wait before u go through it all over again....months..? Years...?

But it eventually comes back....it always comes back!

And it holds a place in your heart...no matter how small it is...its

Am I right ?? ;p

I dedicate 5air inshalla -majeed to all u guys

Luv u ;*

P.S. Can't sleep :(

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaboot is SICK ;'((((

I woke up today ......with my hair kisha and my blanket crumpled i sat up in my bed, happy that its a thursday.....


I swallowed....and OOUUUCCHHHH.....bala3eeemeeee y3awrooniiiiii....i swallowed again and again....not believing what is happening to me......ohhhhhh noooooo WHATS HAPPENING TO ME...?!!!??? i tried to take in a deep breath to calm myself down and NOOOOOOOOOOO.....i cant breath...manshoola !!!!!

This cant be happening....i got up to let the entire household aware of what has happened to me.....when i opened my mouth.......nothing.......i mean NOTHING came out.....

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......;'(((( I dont get sick.......i never get sick........actually i do..bssss 7attan law......why am i sick !!

you know the stages of death....well, i made it the stages of Kaboot being sick !!

-Denial---"meee sick....nooo nooo this cant be happening....."

-Anger---"laish ana maree'6a..!!!! Mal ayeeb 8onbila oo afajir hal virus hathaaaa...."

-Bargaining---"okay........im.....sick.....but can i at least get my voice back...."**puppy eyes**

-Depression--- "the bargaining bit was a waste of time.....5ala9 okay...masheee...."**kaboot gets up and gulps some panadol pills, gets nasal drops oo a box of tissue yamha ..and sits on bed depressed....

-Acceptance---hmmmm....daam inna im sick oo shakle mi2saa....i guess i'll pick a movie to watch today and tell my cuz to come over.......all three parts of Pirates of the Caribbean 5osh fikra wallah.....;D oo wansaaaa....

Ygoloonle lazimly el7een warm liquids oo matkallam wayid oo chethee for my voice ya3ne.....

I took a mini white board from my little brother oo a marker.....this is my way of talking...oo for the warm liquids.....EMBRACE the soup, coffee, chai 7aleeb, hot chocolate......and many many more...;p

P.S. kaboot is diagnosed with a mild case of flue.....;p

Luv uuuu ;******

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


-Nimt at 2am ams oo gmt at 4:30am :( libast training ,sha3ri kisha oo ri7t ilma6ar 7ag my bro lena he studies barra oo byirja3 for vacation.....6ab3an i dont have to go..bs im a good sister ;p plus i miss him....;))) ri7t oo fashalt
3omre lena kan fee nas hnaak..apparently fee wayid 6alaba radeen oo their friends,families hnaak...shakle kan filim shlon day5a....bsss it was worth it when I saw the surprised face of my bro when he saw me :D

-e7m awal ams....'3azalny hindy ;p ee na3am...oo sheno galeee......????? mar yami oo gal in his indian accent "mashalaaa"....ana i was so shocked 3ala jir2ita that i laughed......**kaboot hides her face mista7ya** i7taraitaw haa ;p

-7ag ilppl who think im noora....7ada la2...!! looool law kint ehya chan minziman minta7ra hehe.....;p lol...oo chan 9ar feene 6af 3ala 6alal minzimaaaaaaaaan......7di momal halsowalif....5aleene ib 3alami il5aa9 a7sanle....;p

-il'3baar hatha ashoof stanis kilyoumain oo thalath yaylina....yuba latistanas manabeeek !!!! roo7 wad '3abritik 7ag '3airna ....

-so im on a diet...oo ams 6ag ib rasi akil this really greasy burger matroosa mayonaise oo cheese oo french friez oo coke bariddddd.......;) bsss i didnt eat it .......sheno..? taboon t3arfoon laish....? haw shfeekom gitlokom im on a diet....;p

- I was tanning with two of my friends ib our pool barra blbait oo after tanning when we got in wala my dad was shocked oo gal , "meno yitshamas bil7ar...?".....come again ? babaaa to get a tan..lazim shams...oo etha fee shams akeed 7ar looool ;p yshawig

-Ommi mo5ariba.....el7een im on a diet lais tyeene wetgoleenle, "kaboot tro7een chocolate bar....?" oo 9ar feene "la2 mama....rijeem...." oo 9ar feeha "3ady 3indohom sala6at....."
okay.....so tabeen kaboot (sweet,cake,chocolate etc...addict ;p) troo7 chocolate bar oo ti6lib sala6a..?! hahaha......5oush nikta wallah....;p wala a5er marra 6ila3na breakfast johnny gabil cham youm....oo she was like "bajarib ilmilkshake malhom...." oo 9ar feene elle.. y3ne 3omorha mashrabat milkshakehom shma3na el7een......haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your not helpingggggg ......... P.S. ommi cool mo9a7 ;

-a7ib raggi ;D

-My not- so- young-younger bro thaak ilyoum oo sakkar iltv 3alai oo 6ila3 with a grin on his face....oo i was like wtf ?!!?!?!?!? tit7arash haaaa...okay....;p ri7t his room youm kan 6ali3 oo i hid the remote mal his tv....thakiya moo...? NOT...lena youm ilthany wala aktishif enna my remote mal my tv momawjood......hmmmmmmn okay.....a3lant il7arb yanaaas.....;p

- ga3da a7i6 7ag my nanny "aint no sunshine when shes gone" kil matmor yami..msayvita ib my phone....lena bitsafer after 9 years 3indina faa im bribing her to stay.....STAAAAAAY CINITAAAAAAAA......;p meno ysaweele your famous cupcakes b3dain ..........;'(

-ooo yaaa hehe kint biljam3iya okay....oo i held a pack of "extra" gum in my hand elpack fee 24 minni packs of gum... lene i need it 3ashan makil, oo to help me focus etc.......elmohim faaa i was holding it oo ham ga3da ashoof shwayat kakaw oo ildam3a b3aini killa mn halstupid diet...wala eyeene walad oo galee "sheno fe sale 3ala il3ilch....".......waaaaaaaaaaaaaaai3 mali8nyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.........

- I'm thinking of the new story...bs I'm still sorting it out..I'm still thinking about the characters btw;p

anyhooo baseee garga....;p

luv u ;**

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it love..? (EPILOGUE)

Since you asked for it.....;)))





Fara7 dashat il'3orfa ille bil 9ala....laughing hysterically in her peach dress with her light brown hair madeup into waves flowing freely.

"abaaaai t3archabt TWICE !!! fashlaaa....."

"hehe 9aida lenich....." i said as i adjusted my dress, "abaaai 5ayfa....7adiiiiiii......6a3 shlon im shivering..." i showed my hands to fara7.

"lat7ateen as long as you dont fall on your face everyhing will be fine..." she flashed me a smile."9ara7attan injaaz inna you got a dress oo we put all this wedding together ib isbo3ain....."

"eeee 7adaa....ana oo 6alal makan hamnaa wayid bss 5alti om6alal lazimat...ellla 3irs !!" i giggled.

Im ecstatic...these past weeks were like heaven!!! kil youm 6alal eyeee 3indi oo ni6la3 oo we fool around bss we also sneak a few kisses without anyone noticing hehe. After the day in the hospital, 6alal went straight up and ongratulated everyone as well as surprised them inna hes here. Hehe awal mashafo it was like they saw a ghost bss feras grinned widely at him and at me as well. Lulu yannat youm 3rifat, mo chena tawa she gave birth oo she insisted inna betyee ilwedding despite 7annat feras enna she needs rest...oo fara7 told me inna she is here...she always gets around with her ways. I remember it was 5 am when me, fara7, and 6alal got home.....i already told my mom that i would be spending the night over at fara7's....fa mobas kan wanasa. We spent the late hours fa9leen together oo 7adna mistanseen...fara mom9adga enne ba9eer mort o5ooha, 6alal mom9adig enna bnitzawaj..oo ana mom9adga enna kil hatha ga3d y9eer. Youm fara7 kanat troo7 il'3orfa aw 6alal e6arish'ha mokan ..he would grab me and kiss me sencelessly and fara7 would return seeing my face flushed oo my eyes dazed..and say "waaaai3..." and hide her face. As soon as 6alals parents woke up he shocked them ibwojooda oo broke the news enna he wants to marry me. 6ab3an 5ale baraklina oo mistanis ya7laila bss 5alti irtifa3 '6a86haa oo tabchee 3ala ti'67ak mora'6ya t9adig....a9lan tawamsaa3 shafatne oo lail7een mom9adga hehe.

"meta 6ayaratkom bacher..." asked fara7 as she adjusted her makeup.

"ummm ilfayer...bs madry sa3a cham....abaaai im gonna miss you..." my eyes teared up.

"laa laaaa mako bache...yi5tirib your makeup..."

"enzain '6a7keene" i said as i fanned my face.

"uhhhh ee....tadreen enna lulu min7asha oo yaya il3irs..feras mayadry maskeen..."

"hehe haw laish..."

"lena ildictor ygool she needs rest...bs lulu maynoona oo yat b3dain betroo7 gabil ma elriyayeel eyoon...."

I laughed 3al shakil lulu, she is crazy allah y3een feras 3alaiha. Just then, wala 5alti tdish....oo she smiles at me.

"yalla noora 7beebte b3d shwy lazim tinzeleen....okay..."

"inshalla" i answered shyly.

"fara7 intay 3adlay nafnoof noora youm tamshee okay...." she said as she headed out.


I looked at the mirror, the dress was off-white, strapless, with a lower back cut that hid nothing of my back. The dress was fairly simple, and was tight at the right places, oo the 6ar7a is long oo its dante'l with pink roses encrusted at the end...the 6ar7a really brought out the dress. My make-up is simple too y3ne beige eyesahdow, thick black eyeliner, tons of mascara oo shwaya fake lshes, oo a pink lipstich nafs lon the flowers 3al 6ar7a oo mskeiti. Myblack hair was swept up into a bun at the nape of my neck with soft tendrils highlighting my face oo the 6ar7a, ofcourse attached to it.

"moo chena ildal3a wayid nazlaa ....asti7y..."

"chub you cleavage so be proud of them..." winked fara7.

"ahhhh....fee nas wayid barra...."

"eeee wayid...loya barra wallah...."

"yalla yalla....."my cousin popped her head in,"el7een da5litich...."

"ahhhh abaaaai......" clapped fara7 enthusiastically.

I walked nervously and stood infront of the door, as i heard the my cousin at my side saying prayers, fara7 tnakitly, my oldest 5ala madry shit5arbi6 3ala ilmo9awira.....bsss they all quieted when the doors were open oo my song played as i took a step forward. Goosebumps raked my whole body as i walked step by step carefully so i dont fall. The people were eyeing my dress, face, kilshay.....bs i just smiled waiting for 6alal to come. I reached the kosha and i sat down as the girls took the dance loor and started dancing. I spotted lulu get up and dance, and feras's mom shaking her head helplessly. I smiled and felt like nothing could get any better.....although i really wanted to dance 3ala cham '3niya bss shinsawee b3d.

Fara7 came from afar, up to me, "6alal yaaay 6alal bil6eeeeeeeej !!!!!" she squeeled.

"7ilfay.,,,,!!!" it was about time.

"ee wanasa.....tabeen shay..."

"eee mirror please...." i said nervously.

After the women put on their 7jabs oo chethee for those who need it, we heard a9waat elriyayeel barra elbab oo i shivered excitedly. 5alti looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile, my mom minawal il3rs oo ehya tabche, oo fara7 ib 3alamha il5aa9 mishta6a.

The door opened oo "ya m3arees" played as my man walked through the door. Although from afar bsss he was handsome, his dishdasha oo ilbisht, il'3itra ......his well groomed face....his dazzling smile....uhh i love him. I couldnt shut my mouth...i was smiling like crazy....



tba6al il bab a5eeran oo i took a step. I squinted my eyes and saw noora standing from afar. Shakilha mn b3eed eyanin allah y3eeny youm agarib. Wagfa oo ilibtisama 3ala wayiha......ana laish ni6art kil hal moda 3ashan atzawajha?! 7asait enne wayid ga3d a6awl oo abee aw9alaha bsir3a oo ma7asait enna saree3 illa youm sift noora ga3da ti'67ak oo fara7 t2ashirlee ene aba6i2. mishait shwy shwy oo we9altlah a5eeran. shakilha kan wayid 7ilo, oo shlon nafnoof'ha kan m6ali3 jisimha made me wonder shlon awal marra ala7i'6 enna mowayid th3eefa bl3ks jisimha 7ilo....oo 7asait ib'3eera ena abee ilriyayeel y6il3oon bser3a 7atta law kanaw y9eeroonlaha..mabeehom yshofoonha.

ollaaaa shda3waa hal '3eera 6alal...?!



6alal took a step, avtually la2, he was walking....faster and faster. looooool what is he doing...!?

fara7 looked at him and motioned for him to slow down, he stopped looked shwy behind and realized enna 9ibag ilriyayeel .....i was about to burst out laughing on the kosha he was sooo cute!!! He looked at me and laughed as he walked...slowly this time to me. He looked at me as he got closer with admiration oo is eyes looked at me chena i was naked wala shay.....my cheeks burned at the way he was looking at me.

"mabrook...." he whispered to me as he kissed my head. Then came the men and congratulated us, after that me and 6alal were on the kosha alone staring at he people. He held my hand in his, i looked up at him and smiled shyly, "abee abosich..."

"hehe shna6ir..." i joked.

"t'hagain bela7'6oon..." he gazed into my eyes.

"madry...enjarib oo nshoof...." i smiled back. His head inched toward me...abaaai hatha min 9ija !!

"6alal...min9ijik !!" i looked at him.

"haha at'3ashmar ya 7ilwa entay..." he grinned devilishly.

The wedding was finally over oo zafona to the hotel where we will spend a night oo the next day nkoon were off to america. I entered the room and i was shivering, ilwa'63 y5ari3 shwy.

6alal closed the door and came in with a smile on his face as he took his bisht off, and the '3itra oo 3gal. I smiled back nervously.

"emmm sa3a cham bacher nroo7 ilma6ar...?" i asked innocently.

"sa3a 10 nroo7 ilma6ar....." he said and shrugged off his dishdasha.

"ahhh...." i said trying so hard not to notice how hot he looked and i turned around. Abaaaai fashlaaa....shasawy...?! i shivered again.

"bardana..." whispered 6alal to me as he wrapped his arms around me and i noticed that he had no t-shirt on, i squeezed my eyes shut. "hehe noora...ana raylich latiste7een...."

"magdar...." i smiled, "7adi mitwatra...."

"laish..." grinned 6alal., "shasawee 3ashan matitwaterain...."

"uhh distract me....."

He smiled widely at me , "okay......" and distraction he did.....all night.

* * * *



Gimt mn ilnom sa3a 6 ilma'3arb, iltifat wala noora lail7een nayma....shakilha baree2 wehya nayma...gimt 5athait shower oo libast. 6ila3t barra oo ri7tlaha 3ashan aga3idha...

"noora....nooora 7beebty goomay...." giltlaha oo ana al3ab ib sha3arha.

"mmm...." she mumbled oo turned to the other side.

"noora.....yalla goomay sa3a 6:30...."

"maby...." she said softly.

I smiled 3ala shakilha chena yahil, "okay a36eech no9 sa3a okay...."

She nodded her head, "sa3a...."

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "la2 no9 sa3a....." i smiled. Gimt oo 6ilabt room service, oo laman wi9al , ri7t 3ind noora.....

"yalla basich nom....noora goomay malait...." She covered her head with the blanket. "Mako fayda feech...okay...." oo dalda'3t'ha, she squirmed.

"abaaai....6alal...laaaa2....hehehehhe...." shilt the blanket oo bist'ha.

"yalla 3ashan nakil....."


oo la7a'6 enha lail7een tisti7y oo ehya ti6la3 mn ilfrash...i smiled oo i pretended inna im focused on the food as she came over. B3d illunch/3asha tijahazna .....kanat tsawee sha3arha jidam ilman'6ara oo ana wagif oo ashoofha, she looked at me and smiled



"6alaaaal....." she teared up, "oo ana ba3ad...."

"ta3alay...." i pulled her to me oo bist'ha. A7ib shlon awal shay tisti7y bs as the kiss goes on she kisses me back oo ila9waat ille tsaweeha e6ayir 3agle. I pulled away, "ba3ad...?" i looked into her dazed eyes, and kissed her one fleeting kiss, "ba3ad....?" i teased her. She blushed oo nazilat ras'ha oo i knew the answer oo i kissed her again and again...mogadir awgaf. I lowered her onto the bed and kissed her face everywhere as she moaned....wala yrin telephone.....i ignored it oo kamalt...bs ehya chan tgoole

"6alal.....b-bas....ta2a5arna...." i looked at the clock oo it was 9:45pm offf lazim ni6la3 il7een....

i got up, and she got up too and smoothed her dress and fixed her hair again.



I honestly didnt want him to stop, bsss we are running late....

We headed out and when we arrived at the airport wala our families were there. We said our goodbyes and entered the duty free.

"shetdawreen....?" asked 6alal.


"ay nou3...."

"mmm madry....maltesers...yimkin...aw snickers....wala agolik kitkat...."

He looked at me adn smiled, "laish mata5theen hatha oo tfikeen 3omrich." he grabbed a bag of mixed chocolates.

"hehe smart....." We paid for it oo we sat on the chairs as i ate my chocolates.

flight xec456 heading to heathrow..please proceed to gate...

"yalla 7beebty.... " he held my hand as we got into the gate, then the plane....we settled down ...moments later the plane took off."noora 6al3ay ilcamera mn jan6itich...."

"ay camera....?"


"meta 7a6ait'ha ib jan6ity....hehe" i smiled as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

6alal showed me the pictures of our place for the next 4 years in the states. I leaned on his shoulder and looked at the pictures, i cant wait.

"3ijabich ilmokan...."

"daam inne weyak aymokan 7ilo...." i kissed his cheek. He looked into my eyes admiringly, "shfeek..."

"laish tawne atzawijich...."

"madry...." i smiled.

"9ij kint athwal...."

"tawik tadre..." i joked and laid my head on his shoulder as i stared at the sun rise outside the window.



Namat noora oo '3a6ait'ha. kilshay kan perfect ....maa3 noora nayma 3alai oo eedi 7awalainha....oo rayi7 akamil dirasty barra....ana ooo noora broo7na...i smiled wickedly as thoughts raced through my mind.

Bist ras noora...oo shift il orange, red, pink, oo ilyellow....alwan il sunrise barra il window.


The End.......;***

Monday, June 8, 2009

Is it love..? (FINALE)

To all my readers....

ENJOY ;)))



i cried as i walked through the hospital's washed walls, my heels clattering with the ground rapidly as i looked for a place to freshen up. I saw the W/C sign and i went in. I washed my face over and over again trying to calm myself down. I cant believe that hes actually going. Hes leaving me again behind the same way he did several years ago but this time is different cause im much older and presumably wiser. I will have to get married soon, and now i know that its not gonna be him...it never will.

My phone rang,

"aloo...hala yuma...eee ee galatlich fara7....la mafeene shay....laaa mama please arja3 ma3 fara7.....mashkoora ...okay bye...."

I shut the phone and stared at my face...my now make-upless face. Whats wrong with me....? Why am i throwing myself 3ala wa7id makan m3abirni for years...oo when he finally did..he decided that he cant marry me because if something that i did trying to forget him!!

I dabbed the tissue to my face and dried it and headed outside again.



ga6i3at galbi noora oo kint abee aro7 waraha bsss madry she9eer feene elle bas i freeze oo masawee shay. Shift'ha oo ehya troo7 ab3ad oo ab3ad...b3dain eltifat oo ana b3d mishait. 7asait roo7e ma5noog....di5alt ilsayara oo ri7t ilbait.

"hala yuma....haa shlonha lulu.."


"fara7 tawne kalamt'ha oo galatle....3assa bas mafeeha shay..."

"madry ana youm 6ila3t kanat lail7een bil3amaliyaat..."

"eee allah kareem...." she looked up at me, "shfeek...."

I didnt know how i looked to her, my feelings 5ara so yimkin wayhi chethee ba3ad.


"shaklik mit'6ayig..."

"ahhh.....e7m..labas makint abee ahid feras oo ohwa ib hal7ala..." which was true, bs ham makint abee ahid noora ib hal 7ala...mabe a5er marra ashoofha fee tkon chethe..

"yalla b3d shitsawee.....ilsa3a thalath ella robo3...lazim troo7 ilma6ar el7een t5ali9 sho'3lik..."

"eee bas a5ithlee shower oo abadil oo aroo7...5al ilsayig ya5ith lijnaa6...."

I went up and took a long steamy shower. I stepped out oo libast short oo 8amee9, chayakt enna monasee shay oo nizalt ta7at.

"yalla yuba ana mashee.."

"troo7 wetrid bisalama....6amina awal mat6ob transit ib landan...."

"inshalla..tamir 3ala shay,..."

"salamtik yuba...."

Wala altifit oo ashoof ilwalda oo ga3da tabchee, "deer balik 3ala nafsik yuma mawa9eek haa..." oo lamatni.

"hehe yuma..mo awal mara asafir ana..."

"adry bs shasawee b3d...."

salamt 3ala 5wani oo rikabt ilsayara.

"roo7 ilma6ar...." gilt 7ag ilsayig.



yibt maai oo coffee oo chethee wala bas feras wagif broo7a.

"haw wain noora oo 6alal..." i said as i handed him a cup of coffee.

"noora madry wain ra7at oo 6alal mishaa lena waraa safra..."

"6alal ra7 ?! masalamt 3alaai...." i picked up the phone to call him wala feras ygoole,

"noora wayid ti'6ayigat youm 6alal kan beroo7.....ohma graab wala shay..?"

"hmmm..." i said as i looked up at feras, "eee they are y3ne ..a3ti8id..."

"lena 6alal ham kan mit'6ayig 7asait fee...."

"sh8a9dik y3ne...."

"6alal yalee gabil fatra oo galee ina y7ib wa7da oo ni9a7ta...."

"ee ana b3d galee inna y7ib wa7da bas enna za3lan menha......" and my voice trailed on. I looked at feras and he looked back and nodded with a devilish look in his eyes. "no way...."

But he just shrugged, "kaifich...ana lazim ashoof sh9aar 3ala lulu...." he said and started questioning a nurse lawa3 chabidha bilas2ila maskeena.

I just stood there ma9dooma..ma38oola noora elle 6alal y7ibha ?! ohwa galee inne a3arifha....oo noora wayid ana close ma3aha.....galee enna mom9adig enna y7ibha oo a3ti8id enna may9adig etha 7ab noora...oo ham galee enna sawat shay oo mayigdar yitzawajha....oo yimkin salfat noora oo a7mad oho ilshay....abaaai abaaai abaaaai...

Everything suddenly clicked, shlon noora always asks about 6alal and the same goes for him. Shlon kanat matyee baitna etha 6alal mawjood, shlon makanat ra'6ya ena 6alal ysa3idha ib moshkilat'ha ma3 a7mado, shlon hal cham shahar sakkat feeha ildinya oo akeed lena 6alal besafir.....waaaaaai nooora 7abeebte.....shayla kil hatha ib galbha...oo 6alal ba3ad.....waaaaai laaa2 moma38oola kil hatha ga3d y9eer feehom.... oo ana...abaaaai isteee3aaaaab ya3ne...

Feras stood infront of me and studied my dazed look and smirked, "wallah 6alal 6ila3 mohayin.....bsss laish 3aneed ana madry....."

"ma9adig...abaaai laaa jad ma9adig....."

"wallah lulu kanat 9adga youm galat...."

"ee 9a7...oo kilina ma9adagnaha oo kina ngool mosta7eel 6alal yitzawaj noora...."

At that time wala noora tyee oo ana oo feras iltifatna oo 6ala3naha.



I walked ta7at to calm down my nerves oo si3adt foug. As i was walking the corridor wala ashoof feras oo fara7 ga3deen y5izooni. Fara7 msa6la oo feras mibtism....i grew uncomfortable...y3ne shfeehom?


Bas at that time yaw i think 3aylat lulu oo feras oo 9ar shwayat loya.....b3dain madry mn wain wala fara7 tig'6ibny oo takes me to the corner away from the z3aaj ille ga3d y9eer.

"sheno shfeech....."

"noora....entay elle 6alal y7ibha...."

I stared blankly at her. "noora entay oo 6alal t7oboon ba3a'6 oo ana a5er man ya3lam...!!"

"uhhhh...." madry shagool.

"laish magilteele chan mnziman ana mzawjatkom oo entay el7een ga3da tawldeen ma3 lulu..."

I smiled at fara7....bs that smile soon faded away. "shilfayda ya fara7..6alal raa7..."

"bas ohwa y7ibich..."

"bas mayabee yitzawajni...."

"3ashan a7mad..."


"bas yadri enna sawaitee 3ashan tinsaina..?."


"entay gilteele enich t7ibeen wa7id oo momlageech wayh oo bet7awleen you forget him with a7mad since enna you "thought" enna hes a good guy...."

"emmm...." i looked away.

"abaaaai noora....tadreen shkithir 6alal y7ibich...youm kan ykalimni 3anich kan mistanis oo 3yoona tilma3 oo 3ala6ol yibtisim bss ana '3abiya momistaw3iba enna entay elle y7ibha...."

My eyes teared, "fara7....5ala9 beroo7 mara thanya....."

"awww 7beebty..." she said and hugged me. And i cried. He probably is at the airport right now..and the mere thought of this sent me crying even more.

"yikrahni fara7......kirahni killa mn a7midoo...."

"so i guess ohwa ellee sa3adich...." i nodded my head and she looked away lost in thought.

"tabeen nroo7la ilma6ar...?"

"la2 mosta7eel...its his decision oo ana 5ala9 im done with it....la3at chabdi o ana an6ira....ti3abt fara7 ti3abt..." i wiped my tears.

"offf ba6iga 3ala rassaaa oo azifa 3ala 3naada hatha...el7een tshofeena mitga6i3 oo mayabee yroo7 bss 3nada oho elle mwahga..."

She said as she grabbed her phone.

"shitsaween..." i grabbed her arm. "latgoleenla tara walla ma7acheech fara7...min9iji..."

"lat5afeen..bs i want him to know enna i know..... oo ham basalim 3alai lena masalamt 3alai..."



Kint ga3id ib starbucks ashrab gahwa oo mo5ii sar7aan ib noora..kilshway y9eer feene abee adig 3alaiha bas atradad...malee wayh akalimha oo a9lan madry shbagool. wala yrin telephoni

"Alooo hala fara7..."

"6alal enta ri7t oo masalamt 3alaik..."

"eee....b3d lazim kint aroo7 ilma6ar.."

"eee yalla bisalama...."

"alla ysalmich...tabeen shay...."

"eee abeek titzawaj...."

"tsk tsk entay matyozeen mn sowalfich hathee..."

"la2.....lena adry ennik mayit 3albnaya ooo eyha ba3ad bss 3nadik bewahigkom...."

"fara7 sakray ilmaw'6oo3 5ala9...."

"la2 6alal....oo ilmoshkila elle mora'6ee tsami7ha 3alaiha sawita lenha t7ibik oo enta momlageeha wayh oo kanat tabee tinsaak...."


"6alal adry enik t7ib noora..." she whispered, " 6alal please entaw t7iboon ba3a'6 laish tsawee chetheee...."

"laish ga3da tkalmeene ib 9out wa6ee..."

"lenha wagfa 3indy oo mabeeha tisma3...digeega 5al awa5ir shwy......okay...6alal esma3ny tara noora 6ool 3omorha t7ibik oo salfat a7mad kanat 3ashan tinsaak 6alal tara wallah 9a3ba enha t7ibik oo enta mom3abirha..."

"mingal enne mom3abirha....min we7na 9'3aar oo ana a3izha..."

"8a9di ennik t7ibha..."

Sikat o gi3adt afaker...ee 9a7 makint a7ibha bss kint a3izha wayid..bsss balasht a7ibha oo ana madry...oo gimt a7ibha akthar oo akthar lain magidart agi9 3ala roo7e ba3ad oo a8na3 roo7i enne ma7ibha lene a7ibha....




"madry madry....fara7 wallah madry...."

"please fakir..i gotta go ildictor tawa 6ila3...bye...."

Sakart iltelephone oo g3adt a5iz ilgahwa wafakir 7ag madry shkithir laai masima3t

final call...flight ex230 heading to heathrow please proceed to gate 14

Gimt, 5athait my passport, ticket oo telephone oo ri7t 7ag il gate.



Fara7 kanat tkalim 6alal b3dain ra7at oo kamilat tkalma b3eeda 3anni bs youm raddat kant wayiha mayingara y3ne i dont think enne 6alal be'3ayir raya....at that moment 6ila3 ildoctor.

"haaa dictor bashir..." feras asked.

"kil shay tamam il7amdelaa.....59arat lulwa dam bas 3awa'6naaa laha oo elbaby b5air bs 5athainaa 7ag ilsheesha lena mokamil nomowa lail7een...."

"7madela mashkoor doctor matga9ir.....oo shkithir ra7 etem ilbnaya bilsheesha..."

"7awali shahar oo shwy...lena ehya 6al3a ib nihayat il sabi3 oo jisimha th3eef wayid oo 7ajimha 9'3eer mayit7amal...."

"enzain nigdar nshoof lulu el7een..."

"laaa mamnoo3 ilziyara el7een..."

"bas shwy lazim at6aman....ma6awil..."

"ahh okay...bs shwy..."

And feras headed to the room over to his wife lulu. Relief washed over us kilina oo 3aylat lulu oo feras ga3deen ybarkoon 7ag ba3a'6...the tense atmosphere changed into a cheery one. They went down to go see the baby and me and fara7 joined them as well.

"abaaai nitfa.....!!!" exclaimed fara7.

"eeee bas tshawig ....." i said examining the baby from behind the glass.

"3ayal ilakil elle kanat takla lulu wain kan yroo7 hehe..."

"haha fara7 ....7adich 9aida...."

"hehe....yalla 9i3adna..."

"umm la bg3ad shwy hnee .." i smiled, the families went up along with fara7 and i stayed standing there admiring this tiny soul behind the glass. Silent tears flowed over my cheek as i stared at this baby lovingly but with my mind occupied with what i just lost..the person i lost.

Its 4:14am now, and 6alal is on the plane heading to where his fuure is . So this is the end of this childhood crush, teenage love and adulthood passion.....he's off to his future and i'll be here waiting to see with who my future will be. To see if the man i'll spend my life with will be able to help me forget the man who i spent all my life fancying about. The baby moved her fragile hand and i smiled softly behind the glass.

"9'3eera mochethee...."

My heart jumped and i turned around, "6alal...!?"

He had this boyish grin on his face, "midach nisaiteene...."

I just looked at him thinking inna im hallucinating wala shay...it cant be him...it cant be. I just froze, rooted to my position as he came closer to me and stood a step away from me. He gazed into my eyes lovingly.

"m-mari7t...." i stammered.

"sheno shayfa jidamich..." he whispered with a grin tugging his lips, as he inched closer and closer to me.

"ma9adig...." i breathed.

"oo ana ma9adig enne a5eeran batzawa.j...." he gazed into my eyes. i looked into his eyes and i could see that he was honest and that showed with the way he was admiring me. I hugged him and cried as if fearing that this is all a dream and i will wake up from it. "laish tabcheen..." he whispered to me, "mara7 ahidich....magdar ahidich.." he said, his voice determined.

"oo amreeka.." i said against his chest.

"a5thich weyay...."

I looked up and smiled, "a7ibik..."

"mo kithri...." he said and looked around quickly, then looked back at me and kissed me. A soft yet hungry kiss that sent my heart fluttering like crazy....i cradled his face and enjoyed his tender caress along my back. He pulled his head away..."ufff meta nitzawaj...."

I blushed and looked at the baby again with 6alals arms wrapped around me, "tyanin mo chethee...."

"emmmm....bas mo a7la minnich...."

"hehe 6alal its a baby y3ne...."

"adry...." he said as he nuzzled my neck, "abeech tyeebeenle wa7da chethee bss akbar 6ab3an...oo nafsich akeed...." he kept on adding. I giggled. A couple came and 6alal stepped away from me as he cleared his throat,

"mishaina...." he asked. I smiled back and we walked away....but this time...hand in hand.


Luv u ;***

Gudnight ;))))