Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mulish (9)

I'll miss u guys...;***A7IBKOM

ENJOY ;)))


Four days passed. 5ala9 bss y3ne laimeta hes gonna stay angry with me ?! i wana go to his office, present my work and...yes...i want him to critisize me, comment on my work the way he always did. i was tapping my pen on my desk furiously without thinking about it, when Jassims voice snapped me back to reality,

"shwy shwy 3al 8alam....."

i looked up at him and smiled, "hehe...." He was shifting from leg to leg nervously, "jassim....feek shay...?"

"uhhh la2...."


"eee...." he said and turned away. he paused and turned back again.


He came to me and pulled a chair and sat, "bagoolich shay..."



"entaaaa...." i giggled.

"ana abe agolich enna....i ....i...a7b.."


"hiiii...."said mariam.

thank you !!!!

"hey..wainich matbayneen..."

"walla mash'3oola...hala jassim..." she smiled. Jassim's face kan yiglib alwan.

"hala hala...."

"emmm abee ag3ad bssss im swarmed...!!!!" she said motioning to the stacks of files in her hand.

"uhh tabeen asa3dich..." volunteered jassim.

"laaa laaa mashkoor...." beamed mariam, "yalla bye...."

I watched her walk away helplessly, i turned back to jassim, "umm...."


i have to tell him inna i cant....

"jassim ana..."

"a7ib mariam !" he blurted out. I gaped at him.

Mariam !!!! mariam.....phew......


"eee.....oo nawy 5ayif matwafi8..."


"madry yikmkin matshoofne ib hal 6aree8a..."

"emmm bsss ana dayman la7a'6t enha wayid tisti7y minnik...faaaa...."

"9ij !! mala7a'6t....."

"hehehe...hatha elle la7a'6ta..." i said and we looked at eachother, "jassim....i56ibha...mara7 tilgaa a7san minnik...."


"eee...oo inshalla betgool eee....."

He smiled, "mashkoora...."

"la walaw...hehe..."

"ok ana agoom el7een...adig 3al walda...bss latgoleen shay jidamha ok..."

"ee akeed...." i said and he walked away.

waaaaaaaaaaai cuuuuuuteeeeee !!!!!!

My computer beeped, i had a new message saying that tomorrow fee dawrat tadreeb 7ag the new interns. i shut my computer and headed home.

The next day....

"well....." i beamed.

"kalamt ilwalda oo bitdig 3alaihom bacher...."

"alllaaa wanasaa...alla ywafigkom inshala...."

"shfeekom..." came mariam to us.

"uhh walashay...ana baroo7..." said jassim, i giggled.

"shfee hehe...."

"madry....yisti7y minnich il'6ahir..." i winked.

"minni ana...?!"

The lights dimmed down and i was saved from an answer. All the interns were gathered in the room, oo ilmas2oleen malot kil8isim were there, plus employees 9arlohom sneen blsharika. They introduced new elements and were discussing them with us. we were taking notes and so on. stath m7amad tawa 5ala9 his presentation wala ygoom wa7id and went to the projector, he turned and my heart leaped. it was s3ood, he was as elegantly handsome as always, and he started his presentation. I didnt hear a word he said, i was just staring at him, admiring the way he talks, his hand gestures, how he suddenly grins when he talks. thank god that the lights were off, 3ashan mayshoofne staring. He finished his presentation and sat down.

laaa latig3ad ifffff....;p

The next presentations took place and i was bored to hell. Finally, they finished oo b3dain with a laptop infront of every person we were taught on how to become familiar with the company's programs oo chethee. 6ab3an ana i wasnt paying attention when the programs were explained lena i was bored...fa kint 6a7sa shwy.

"emmm...mariam.." i whispered.


"shga3d nsawee..."

"uhh were transfering the data to the balance sheet..."

"wain hathaa...?"

"haw zain shfeech....hatha the program elle jidamich..."

"ohhhhh...." i said, still clueless "okay thanks..."

i sat there staring at the computer screen, then at the people around me. they seem to know what theyre doing, oo elle 3indihom as2ila they were helped out. bsss ilmoshkila enna if i ask ana 3indy mobas so2al...elle malyon so2al... 3an kilshay !! i looked around and saw a man approaching staring at the screens to see how we were doing. i started randomly clicking at stuff in my screen and transferring god knows what...ayshay bss atleast id look like im working. I casted a smile to the man, as soon as he moved i frantically looked around. abaaai shasawyy......!!! its like im in highschool all over again..!!!

I cant ask mariam lena 7aram maby jassim ga3d b3eed...oo shoug..7ada la2 ! i turned to my left, and saw a shy girl typing her way through.

"emm hi..."

"hi..." she looked at me and blushed.

"bss abeech tsa3deeny shwy etha 3ady 3ndich..."

"ee ok..." and she explained to me what to do very quickly infear that someone would see. i thanked her and started right away. it turned out to be easy anyway. i reached a part where you would have to check your balance sheet for any mistakes and i had 1 error. i reread the balance sheet and the data but couldnt seem to find where the error was. People started handing their work and were leaving oo i was still stuck at this stupid error that i couldnt seem to find. I turned to my left again bss the girl shakilha 5ali9at oo ra7at, plus mariam was still far behind. ohhhh well, i'll just ask for some help. i raised my hand and looked around, all the helpers seemed to be busy or really far away form me. i craned my neck and spotted s3ood, i looked at him and he seemed to have seen me and advance towards me. The closer he got the more i felt nervous. What do i say ? should i apoligize first 3ala ams? should i thank him for not firing me ? or should i ask him right away ?
He was a few steps away, so i lowered my arm, but he passed me! passed me ? i turned my face to the other side and saw him walking...proceeding towards.....shoug !!! my jaw dropped, shoug 3a6atne ibtisama 5abeetha nafs wayiha but soon changed it to a soft, girly smile and looked at s3ood. s3ood went to one side and lowered himself and listened to whatever question she asked. He explained to her bss i know that she was trying to make herself stupid 3ashan t7irny, sooo s3ood put one hand at the back of her chair and the other hand he used to hold the mouse and to show her what he meant.
i realized that i was staring alot, oo ashkara and that my jaw was still dropped. sh'hal dagra ! ashkara he saw me...moma38oola he didnt. bss yimkin shougoo kanat mraf3a eedha gablee...hmmm we'll see. I waited for s3ood to finish from shoug, which took like FOREVER!! Y3ne mayifham enna shes doing this molena mofahma oo lena she wants him to stay longer. s3ood finally finished and straightened himself, i didnt raise my arm, i just waited for him to come over to me....but he didnt. He passed right through me again if i dont exist. A lump formed in my throat, i hate being ignored...i always did. i faced my computer again and stared at the data sheet determined to find the error.

"ti7tajain mosa3ada bnaytee..." asked me an old man...stath m7amad. i looked up,

"emm..." i said bss makamalt lena he was staring at me with concern in his eyes. i blinked, and the tears that have been welled up in my eyes trailed down my cheek. i turned my face embarrassed, a9lan i didnt realize that i was tearing up.

"wain...yibay 5al asa3dich..." he said and took the mouse. I dazzingly stared at what he was doing and he found the error which was that i copied 234 instead of 233 from the data table.

"mashkoor..." i said.

"great job..." he said with a british accent. the sight of him all old and wrinkled and talking english made me giggle. He smiled, " yalla 5ala9tay sho'3lich...."

"ya36eek il3afya .." i smiled and stood up. i grabed a tissue and dabbed the remaining tears from my face, and picked up my notes. I turned my face and caught s3ood's eyes on me from afar, he immediately turned his face. I said goodbye to mariam and jassim and headed outside. I remembered that i had some paper work that i didnt hand to s3ood so i passed by my office and picked them up then headed to s3ood's office. the secretary wasnt there lena her lena dawamha 5alla9. I stood there comtemplating what to do. etha masalamta byig3ad y3a9ib 3alai oo 9ara7attan mali5ilga roo7a ba6 chabdi. oo he's bl meeting room ta7at lail7een i think akeed busy answering shougoo's questions....soo i guess that i'll leave it on his desk.
i entered his office, i switched the lights on and went to his desk. madry laish bss galbi kan yirga3, the thought that im in s3oods office without him knowing sent chills throughout my body. I grabbed a pen and grabbed a paper and wrote on it that its from me oo inna this is my paper work. I put the pen back in its place and st the papers in the middle of his desk and set the stapler on top so that they wont get blown away or something. I turned around,

"***gaaaaaaaasssssspppppp****....." i backed away and hit the table sending the lamp to fall down and break into peices all over the wooden floor. My heart was beating widely in my ears, i stared at s3ood who just stared at me and at the broken lamp then back at me. "i-im sorry..." i quickly said and bent over picking up the glass peices from the floor with my fingers shivering vigorously.

"t3awartay..." s3ood said and crossed over the room with long strides. "5aleehom zain..."

I ignored him and resumed picking the shattered glass from off the floor.


"sorry..abaai asfaa ...." i said and my vision blurred.

"zain 5aleehom...latjiseenhom..." he came down beside me.

"a-asfa....makan 8a9dy..." i managed to say as i cried. His arms came over mine and he shoved away the glass from my hand and pulled me up. I leaned against the table. He was searching my hands for any cuts. He's acting like he cares when minutes ago he was ignoring me completely.
I snatched my hand away from him. I was sobbing and i could sense how lost he was, he just froze not knowing what to do, how to act. after a while he said,

"3ady zain...a89aha abajora..."

I cried even more. he stupidly thinks that im crying because of a stupid lamp ?!

"moga3d abchee 3ashan the lamp..." i managed to say. i looked at him and his face was full of questions...i confused him even more.

"huh..." he said.

"ga3d abchee minnik enta...."

He looked at me, "asif ? " he shrugged.

I took in a deep breath, "laish kint ti7girny twamsa3..?"

He didnt answer me.

"ha...laish..? laish !! im sorry 3an ams...oo thank you enna u didnt fire me bss hathaa moma3nataa enna u ignore me chethee...."

"makint ga3d a7girich...." he said, i raised an eyebrow. "kint ri7t 3nd shoug..."

"bsss 5ala9t minha oo ham 7igartny !"

"ma7igartich a9lan ana elle gilt 7ag stath m7amad eyeech....lena ran telephonee oo kanat mokalama '6aroreeya.."


"thanyan e7na ibsharika moli3ib yahal oho 3ashan a7girich...."

i remained quiet lena i was embarrassed...i felt like a baby. i stayed there...then i decided to leave. "ana bs yait ayeeb ilpaper work...." i said and with my hand i leaned away from the table, "kahoo....ayyyyyy !!!!!" i felt a stab of pain shoot from my hand. i held it tightly. it hurt alot !!

"tsk...akeed zjaaj dash beedich...yebeeha 5al ashoof..."

"laa maby y3awir..." i sounded like a baby. he looked at me with humor in his eyes as he gently took my hand into his. he slowly opened it and just like he said there was a peice of glass peirced through my skin. He reached for it, "laaa laaa ....y3awir..." i squeezed my eyes shut.

He chuckled softly, "mara7 a3awrich....ra7 asheela shwy shwy......s.h.w.y shwy.....kaaa...6ala3ta..."

I opened my eyes and looked at my hand then at the small peice of glass in his hand. I didnt feel a thing. "tabeen ayeeblich plaster 3ala barbie ba3ad...." he grinned. i clumsily shook my head. I just stared at him, and he stared right back into my eyes, my heart thundered. His face got closer and closer, i found it difficult to breath from his intoxicating manly scent. His eyes were making me feel dizzy, he was really close now...i couldnt move i just leaned back on the desk frozen. he tipped his head a little to the side, his eyes still fixed on mine......then in a second he was away again. "kaa hatha tissue 7ag eedich..." he said. He placed it on the cut and shut my hand around it. so he was reaching for the tissue....ughhh im soo stupid...!! akeed he was reaching for the tissue..laish tafkeere raa7 b3eed...bss why did i feel like that...awal marra i feel this way....iffff im thinking too much.

"ummm mashkoor....l-lazim aroo7...."

"ana awa9lich ib 6ireeje..."

"laa 3ady walla..."

"ana sayartee blgarage b3d faa nafs il6ireej...."

"o-ok...." i said and we headed out together. it was weird walking side by side with him. we got into the elevator then from the elevator to the parking lot.

"shlon eedich..." he asked and looked at me.

"zaina...." i smiled back at him.


I looked infront, i focused and, "5alid...?!"

"zain...ahhh zain...a5eeran legaitich...." said 5alid as he walked toowards me. I froze, watching 5alid advance towards me. i turned and saw s3ood beside me looking at 5alid too then turned and faced me, his face .....confused!


i'll post as soon as i get u oo take care ;**

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random !!

- awalan abee agoolokom enna i misssss u guys wallah !! y3ne a7is ive been distant wayid minkom oo mo3ajibny ilwa'63 bssss shswyyy kabootatkom mash'3oolaa mash'3ooolaaaa !!!!

-laish liq8 fa'6yaa?? mafeee a7ad mn9iji...i mean mashoof siyayeer bss fee nas...hmmmmm..shay '3areeeb walla...

-i was with a friend gabl cham youm oo yi3naa so we though yalla lets try "buffalos" ille bljabriya...ri7na sifa6na jbala elle oho yam "victory gym" nizalna oo ana amsheee...fee sayara shabba lait'ha soo galatlee my friend" deeray balich layid3amich.." fa 9aar feene ana "yam3awad ana yo3ana 5al akil b3dain kaifa" y3ne it wasnt feminine elle "waaaai 7adi yo3anaaa " aw " waai yumaaa..." it was a starving kaboot talking. ilmohim...maraina 3nd ilsayara lafait wayhe wala the guy wagif 3nd sayarta oo sima3na !!!!! ana itbal3amt...oo the guy grinned at me b3dain he chuckled !! fashlaa much...;p oo ilmoshkila enna he was hotttttt....tawa 6ali3 mn ilgym ooo
:((((((( fashalt 3mre jidama..

-elle ma5theen 9aifee....ashfi8 3alaikom lena jad jad 7arrrrrr....ana amshee shwaya athoob....bsss the people elle ma5theen summer course..i have to say enna...i salute you !!!

- sooo emmm kint asoog youm with a friend oo '6aya3t...bsss my ego mayisma7ly enna i admitt ena we were lost oo i kept driving lain mawi9alna mostashfa 9oba7 !!!! hnee 9ar feene laaaaaa e7naaaa '6ay3eeen mngalb !!!! oo ilmoshkila i dont wana call my mom lena she asked me etha adil oo 9ar feene" eee eeee akeed adil"..oo the rest of my family ham mali5lg i call sooooooo i called my cousin. oo gam ohwa maskeen edaleene...bss ti3ab weyay...ygoole roo7ay yimeen ana aroo7 seeda...oo waaaay 3al ashkaal elle kanaw ymiroon yammi oo my cousin fa9il 3alai !!! it was hottttt...oo ana '6ai3a oo la3at chabdi oo my cuz yi6anaz 3alai...y3ne ilwa'63 kan mi2saaaa...bsss wi9alna thanx to my cuz elle kilyoum yi6anaz 3alai because of it...;p

-i went to 360 the mall oo it was cool...y3ne madry laish ray7a...mako wala shay fati7 !! mbala fee shwy bss still y3ne...oo omg ilawadim '6aaaaaim jad jad....y3ne etha mfakreen tro7oon i sujest morning, '6ohor oo basss.....bilail man9a7 9adgoonyyyy...bsss overall the mall is 7ilo, mratab, ilshops yiddad y3ne mo ilshops ilmokarara elle nshofhom ib kil mall....the cinema kbeera oo barrrrrrd...take a blanket with u mn9iji....oo bas;p

-i confessed to one of my friends (mango) enna ana kaboot..oo mora'6yaa t9adigny oo i keep giving her proofs blrandoms oo chethee bss mom9adga ! shes like "laa2 entay 9aida mosta7eel ur her..." oo 9ar feene y3ne kaboot mo9aida y3ne....9ar feene b3dain "okay etha tabeen i prove it to you the post i will write i will dedicate it to you..sheno tabeen i name you.." oo we were ib avenues ga3d namshee , she looked up wala tshoof ma7al mango oo 9ar feeha "name me mango.."oo i did..oo ga9ait wayiha...muwahahahahahhahahhahahahahh....GA99AT WAYH !! "she's like abaaai ur famous tadreen....bss mabeeha tkoon entay...entay 9aida..."...ana agool WAYHICH EL9AIDA elle u didnt notice hehehehhhehehhe ;p

-i hate my blackberry ! shda3wa ilq8 kilha bb's 9ayra..ana no3ee enna ma7ib albis shay habba aw enna wayid akoo minna....oo i bought my bb gabil ilhabba el7eeen omg !!! kbeeer..9'3eeer...kilhom yamshoon oo wayihom bl bb's malot'hom..!!

-abaaaaai habba 3ala micheal jackson...a'3aneee 9a5ar...bsss maskeeen y3neee ilnas mahtamola ella youm maat....7ada typical ....when he dies hes famous all over again...shilfayda....ilrayal maat...7asafaaa 3ad i wanted to go to his concert ib london...oh well,,,maby in another lifetime...;p

-ray7aaa london bacher....**shagga ilwayh**....oooo bsss abe ilbaraad, iltisiwig, iltizigrit....I CANT WAIT !!! i'll be gone for a month....galolee ena mafee wayid 3arab hal sinaaa...a7san lena 9ara7attan mali5lghom...i mean awal kan fee bss mokithir these past few years....soo zain...abee aroo7 mbarayaat ilsoccer ille t9eer ((i know know;p)) bsss walla wanasa...the feeling u get in the stadium shay 3ajeeeb...wayid naas...oo ilplayers nitfa..oo youm t9eer the wave tgomoon oo u do it with them....wayid energy...3aaaaaady yinkat 3ala rooskom ille warakom when they cheer they team oo their glasses hit...;p ahhhhhhhh cant wait..;p

-lail7een mazahabt walashay for the safra...mali5lg (typical)..i hate packing...kil elle i packed ohwa my stories elle bagrahom bl6ayara..nyahahhaha....ilbajeeee inshalla eyeelohom ildor ;p

-ummmmm....i'll post a post tomorrow a long one hopefully...oooo i wont post youm akoon msafra...lena a7ib youm asafer inna i disconnect myself mnkilshay...soooooo when i come back i'll continue with the story....kil youm post i promise ;)))

-i loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuu.....amooooot feeeeeekoooooommmmm.....i'll misssssss uuuuuu...;*********


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mulish (8)

Dedicated to all of uuuuuu.....;***

ENJOY ;)))


I woke up feeling lethargic. I didnt want to head to work, a9lan i dont know if im still hired wala la2. I hot dresssed and headed to work. I got to the cafeteria and ordered a large cup of coffee before proceeding to my office. I sat down and found paper work on my desk and my heart lit up. Im not fired!!!! I never thought that id be happy to see work on my desk ever, but this ...this is a relief. Ohhh if i could only thank him for giving me a chance...!!! I smiled and started working right away, im gona make sure that its perfect when it reaches him. I was in the middle of my work when i heard a voice that i detest adress me,

"oh..zain ?!"

I looked up at shoug, "enta shno shayfa ya3ne..."

" ista'3rabt..."

"laish inshalla..."

"y3ne...."she twirled her hair, "gilt yimkin they fired you 3ogob ams..."

I looked at her as she gave me an innocent smile, mal ashig 7aljha ma3 wayiha. "laaa walla they didnt fire me mithil ma entay shayfa...faa ana agool roo7ay jablay shi'3lich a7sanlich..." i spat back and faced my computer, ignoring her completely. I felt her stand there, indagrat, oo b3dain ra7at. Several hours later, i was finally done bss i sat down for another hour revising over and over again. I stood up and got into the elevator and from that to s3oods office. I got in and beamed at the secretary,

"5ala9t ilawrag..."

"ee okay...5aleehom houn oo ana bawadeehom la istaz s3ood..."

"laish...." i looked at her confused. lena 3adattan he always lets me hands him the work 3ashan ygoole his comments.

"houwa haik 6alab...." she shrugged.

"ahh...ok..." i said and went out. After several minutes, my phone rang in my office and the secretary told me that s3ood says that its okay and that another set of work will be handed to me.

And these are how the next three days were. I would get my work, do it, hand it to the secretary, and wait for s3oods comments from the secretary. I didnt see him at all since that day, and i have to admitt but i miss him. I miss the way he raises his sardonic eyebrow at me, the way he scolds me, how he always critisizes me......astonishing but true. i did however catch a glimpse of him yesterday, i was leaving the company when i saw him in the lobby talking to some people. He stood there for several moments then walked away; he didnt see me. I would get home and get swarmed by 5alids messages, phonecalls etc....

and i dont know what to do....everything is so messed up !!


7ayatee kanat mashyaa tamam. aroo7 ilsho'3l, arja3 aroo7 ilgym, ag3ad ma3 ilahal, diwaniya, chalet oo ilyoum ille ba3da nafs ilshay. ellaaa youm ri7t youm ilsharika oo iktishaft inna 3ndi intern yideeda. okay y3ne ana 3ala6ool at3amal ma3 interns..moshay yideed. bsss hatheee..hatheee '3air. 3aneeda ibshakil mo6abe3y oo ras'ha yabis oo elle tabe tsawee tsawee. ana 3ndi mokana ib hal sharika oo wala marra a7ad tijara2 enna ykalimni ib hal6aree8a oo eradidne...'3air zain. ilbint '3areeba oo magdar afhamha killish. oo ilmoshkila inna mat5aaf minni....etha mo3ajibha shay itgoola ashkara. matgool inne ana her boss oo lazim askit oo asawee ellle ygoole 3alai. mithil awal youm laman we9alni sho'3olha oo kan killish mo'6abi6, gitlaha oo ista'3rabt youm shafatne oo radidatne inna matshoof enna fee shay. mnda5il kint abee a'67ak...bss makint abee a5aleeha tit3awad tkalimni chethee faa 3a6ait'ha sho'3ol zyadaa.

oo balasht astanas youm tyeene ta3eene sho'3ol oo at3amad enne a3a9ibha...9ij enna ilsho'3ol ykoon nagi9 bss ana a6afirha oo a3a9ibha oo titnarfaz bsir3a. a7is'ha daloo3a....kilshay mitwafir laha oo 3omorha mat3ibat 7ag shay. ib awraag elle 8adimat'hom 7ag ilsharika....fee so2al enna where do you see yourself five years from now ? oo sheno kan jawabha.....iljawab ille adhashne...

ashoof nafsee ashti'3l ibsharikat oboy.

haljawab 5alani a7kim 3alaiha gabil mashoofha. embayin inha malha 6omoo7 tsawee shay zain...kil elle hamha enha tishti'3il ib sharikat obooha. oo madry laish moga3da tsht'3l 3inda el7een...hmmm. bss isloobha oo '3oroorha ynarfizni...shlon shi'3ilha killa nagi9 mayi3jibne chethee. ana sho'3lee lazim dayman ma'6boo6. oo bilijtima3 gabil thalat ayam fashilatne. awal shay kint 7aas feeha enha mitwatra oo akeed ibtawatar..fa kint abtisimlaha kilshwy a6aminha....risamtlaha smiley face b3d . bsss ham 3omre ma7asait blsho3oor ille 7asaita thaak ilyoum. kil ilmohimeen mawjodeen, ana ga3d asawee ilpresention oo aktishif enna nagi9...ib no9a !! 6arasht'ha tyeeb ilgraphs ille may9eer a2a5er ilnas warahom mawa3eed...fa kamalt ilpresentation 3ala 7asab thakirte, without the graphs. rija3t maktabee oo ana m3a9ib ibshakil mo6abee3y oo b3d shwy aktishif enna zain itdish 3alai blmaktab. y3ne killish mowagt'ha. kanat yaya tit2asaf....9ar feene ille okay y3ne 5alti6la3 lena 7adi mitnarfiz...bss youm galatle ena ana mastahal enha ti2asifatle oo chethee....i lost it! ana 3adattan i dont lose myself chethee...bss i lost it...jidam bnaya!!! a9lan madry sheno kint 6ala3t 7ariti feeha 3adil..!!! b3dain shift'ha oo shakilha kan mit9arwi3...oo istw3abt inne akeed 5ara3t'ha oo ana chethee...kanat ildam3a b3ainha fagitlaha ti6la3..oo 6la3at.

mn youmat'ha mashift'ha...gilt 7ag ilsecertaira ehya twa9il ta3lee8atee 7ag zain...mabee ashoofha. bss ams kint ta7at billobby wala ashoofha ga3da tshoofne...sawait nafsee moshayifha oo mishait.

ilwa'63 9a3ab 3alai...y3ne mokafeee inna my x mawjooda! ma3ina bss kint ma3 shoug 7ag shahar..she was a rebound girl. gabil thiman sneen 7abait wa7da, 3omree ma7abait a7ad kithir ma7abait'ha bss iktishaft fee youm enha in5a6bat. 7awalt aw9alaha bss gi63at kilshay yirbi6nee feeha. faaa tigdiroon tgoloon enne 7abait....oo kanat marra wa7da, mn youmat'ha ma7abait killish...wala abee a7ib. ingira9t marra oo mabee angiri9 mara thnya.uffffff il7een shoug, my rebound girl, bilsharika ma3a.....oo 3indi intern imyaninatne.....allah y3eene !!


Luv u ;**

gudnight ;))

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mulish (7)

Dedicated to Chanel.....mitttttttthhhhhhhh
uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;****

ooo to mango....ga9ait wayhich 9aida;p 9adagtay il7een;p



Why isnt he picking up ?!!?!?! ufffff....i need him !!!!

I tried calling again...and again...y3ne momin3awayda enna maysheel. I finally gave up and took in a deep breath and headed to *gulp* s3oods office. I reached the door and stopped,

llaaaa laaa magdar magdar !!!

I was about to turn and go away when his secretary saw me,

"shooo..bidik shee..?" she said with a mug of coffee in her hand.

""i let out and exasperated breath. I mean i have to face him sooner or later and i cant avoid him forever. Oo halmarra ana il'3al6ana oo lazim inna i apoligize....lazim. He doesnt deserve what i did to him, fashalta ana, fashalta ib shakil mo6abee3i !! 9ij enna wayid kan ybi6 chabdi oo ynarfizne bss i mean i have to admitt inna he was just doing his job, plus, today i found out more about him than i did. He's sweet. The smiley face he drew for me, his smiles that he casted upon me every now and then.


"ummm'3ait ashoof s3ood"

"eee bas bainee oo bainik...elyoum mazajooo momnee7 abadan....."

I think i know why.

" 3ady..."

"mithil mabidik...." she said and called s3ood and told him that i was here to see him. She shut the phone and shook her head, "sorry bss mabido yshoof 7adaaa...."

No may9eer...i have to talk to him, i have to apoligize.

"laa please goleela '6aroory...."

"7ajarib bss ba3rif enoo msh 7aywafi2...." she dialled again and with no luck. he said no. iffff 3aneed halwalad....malisho'3l ra7 akalma. I went up and to his door. The secretary stood up, "laaa please mabe9eer haaik...."

"lazim ashoofa....please..." i looked at her pleadingly. She looked hesitant then came over to me,

"okay bs a6la3 ...mishaan enno mabanzaf ...." she said and hurried away. I faced the dark wooden door, gathered up all the courage i need and knocked. No answer. I knocked again and i heard his deep masculine voice. I got in,

whats the chance that he didnt see me.....an7ash ??

He looked so handsome sitting there at his desk, he didnt look up at me, but waved his hand, "hi6ay ilawraag hnee....oo yebeele panadol"

Oh he thinks im his secretary

"a-ana zain...."

I saw him pause, for a while then looked at me without raising his head. His dark eyes peered at me and scanned me from afar...without a word. I felt uncomfortable and wished that i hadnt come. We were both silent....he was looking at me with this arrogant look of his but filled with something i couldnt put my finger on. I think that i should say somthing...anything to break the tension.

"3an elyoum....ana...a-ana...." say it...say it.... " a-asfa....." there, can i go now?

He looked at me and didnt say a word for a while, "bas ?"

I looked up, " y3ne..."

"ok...." he said and turned his attention back to the stack of papers on the desk.

ok ?

"ok...." i echoed again. He looked up and raised an eyebrow. " mom3a9ib....?"

"gitlich ok...."

"sheno y3ne ok...."

He looked at me, then shut his eyes and massaged his head, "zain....momkin et6il3een barra....a9lan entay shlon dashaitay...."

"s3ood....e7m stath s3ood.....ana yaya at2asaflik wetgoolee 6il3ay barra...?! il'6ahir enne '3ila6t enna ti2asaftlik lenik matistahal...." i retorted. His head snapped up, and his eyes were furious.


He got up from his chair and came to me, "sheno giltay...." his voice thick with fury.

Abaaaai abaaai..

"uhh asfa makint" i didnt continue, he cut me as i was about to apoligize again.

"ana elyoum shgitlich....moo gitlich abee ilgraphs malot quarters one oo two....laish bss 7a6a one...?!"

"bil'3ala6..bil'3ala6 !!"

"sheno bil'3ala6 ?!!? fashalteene jidam ille akoo willi makoo...oo tgoleeen bil'3ala6 ?!!?"


"SHBEFEEED....shbetfeed halkilma....?!" he answered with rage. I felt so small and weak compared to him. He was tall and was towering over me, his voice strong and thick, his face filled with anger. I remained quiet.

Laish tifalsaft...kint agdar a6la3 youm gaal "ok"....wala kil hatha y9eer...

"ilijtimaa3 kan nagi9...killa bsibitich..!!"

"ilkil yi'3li6...." i replied calmly. That seemed to push him even more.

"cham marra 6awaftlich...?? oo youm a36eech ilthi8a oo machayik sho'3lich chethee tsaween...."

He kept slashing me with his words, i remained quiet, i deserved it i know, hes angry i can see that. I didnt want to say anything to infuriate him even more. 3ady kint abchee ib ay la7'6aa...bss i held it in, i didnt want to cry infront of him. He finally finished, he was breathing heavily, his jaw clenched, hands clasped, face red. I did this to him, he looks like a man who keeps his emotions in balance. I dont think that hes the type of person that loses their temper easily, but i clearly pushed him to the edge today.
He was quiet, staring at me then gave me his back. I just stood there, helpless, waiting for round number two. He took in a deep breath and faced me again,

"3a6eene sabab wa7id y5aleene i dont fire you el7een...."

I met his eyes with my unshed teared eye. He's gonna fire me...?! My heart sunk, and a tear fell from my eye. How am i gonna explain that to my dad ? how will i prove to my dad that im good ? will i ever work for him ?
I felt his eyes soften a little, "6il3ay zain....6il3ay...." his voice calm. I nodded my head and walked outside, when i turned to shut the door i saw his arm also reached to close it. we were close, seperated by a door, he gazed at me then slowly closed the door. I stared at the door for a while then went .....home.

I sat on my bed, i tried to cry but nothing would come out ! I threw my head on the pillow and reached for my mobile. No miscalls from 5alid. I dialled...this is going to be the last time b3d mara7 adig 3alai.


"aloo...?" i said. i looked at my phone, it was 5alid's number, "meno..?"

"entay meno..."

"entay meno...?" i said back.

"wa7da tmoot 3ala 5alid...."

"sh-sheno.....5alid wain..?"

"ga3d ya5ithla shower....tabeen awa9la message wala shay..."

"l-la ....." i said and shut the phone. I held it in my hand, staring at it for god knows how long.

5alid....5alid? the one i trust, love.....5alid?

I couldnt believe it, but that explains his weird behaviour lately.How could he...after all those years ?! how could he throw it all away...?! kint 7adi msabaha...momistaw3iba...i was in shock...shlon i mean shlooooon....

My phone rang and i absent mindly picked up, "aloo..."

"aloo...!!" 5alids voice was alarmed, "zain...!!"

"sheno kan hatha 5alid....? sheno kan hatha....!!!"

"5al ashri7lich..."

"tishra7 sheno...?!!? tishra7ly ennik 5intny....!!"


"laish...laish...?!?! ib sheno ga9art weyak...."


"oo t5oony....it5oonyyy !!!" i cut him.

"zain sim3eeny....asif...asif..."

"shfaydat halkilma.....?!" i retorted and remembered s3ood when he said that to me a few hours earlier.

"a7ibich zain..."

"latig3ad tchathib....!! 5ala9 its over...!!! over !!!"

"latgoleen chethee.."

"mabeek itdig 3ala hal ra8am....we're over...!!"

I shut the phone, and the tears finally flowed out of my large amouts.Its just too much to take in one day.

Luv u ;***

Gudnight ;))))