Saturday, November 7, 2009


I have confessions to make.....

i ....kaboot have been lazzzyyyyy.....ana already lazy faaaa youm a9eeeer actually "lazy" y3ne abaaaai nihayat il3alam....

i ....kaboot have been craving food like crazy....bssss abla3 ;/ mabeee my weight ygarib 3nd il60 kilos ! abeee blsafe side y3ne mid 5o's...el7een ok....bsss 3ala ilbal3a elle ga3da akilhaa  amoooott etha 9i3ad......huffffffff....why wont it just stop 3ala mokana oo akilllll kil elle abeee @@ whyyyy whyyyyyyyy

i....kaboot need to cut my hair bsss mt3ayza ;p hehehhehe typical

i....kaboot  na6ra il3eed 3ala naaaaaaar lena ra7 asafir 0:) 

i....kaboot am obsessed with "prime and toasts" egg benedict ;p latheeeeeeeeeeeth ! the bacon, the cheese, the egg...its foamy madry shlon....bssss yummmmmm....

i...kaboot have a crush....someone in uni ;$ yshwggggggggg !!!! zo8aaaaaa

i...kaboot have midterms comming soon oo modarsa shay ...a9lan tifaja2t youm i knew enna 3nde midterm this week ;/ alla ysterrrrrr ;p

i....kaboot ....well, g3d akalm mango (skyping) while im doing this post oo g3da ehya ga3da titla76am...;p luv u mango....el7een a5al9 im not ignoring u lool....oo laaa moga3da at'hawash ma3 ilkeyboard ;p

i...kaboot apoligize mn kil galbeeeee....walla a7ibkm oo walla abeee a5al9 this story bssss magdar i write a post oo ana momrakza mara7 y6la3 7looo soo inshalla youm akoon 1oo%  focused i will post ib "mulish" ;p bsss i'll post randoms chthe whenever im free....

p.s. il9aida mango tawa si2latne how to type "empty" i hahahahahhahahahaha...(yes im ignoring u mango and im going to fash'shil u ) muwahahhahahahhaha ;p


  1. firsttttt!!!
    yes MANGoo is back!!!
    im gonna be first for the rest of the story oo no one is gona be first '3airyy!!

  2. mango: yal 9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidaaaaaaaaaa ;p matyozeeeeeen ;p

  3. hahahahahha kaboot ur soooooo cute walla itwanseeeeen....awalaaaaaaan im so happy ina feee wa7id zoo8a weyach gooo kaboot inshallah i9eer action bainkum ow hopefully u write about it :* thaneeyan good luck on ur midterms sweetie intee gadha....thaleethan iklaaaai ow 3alaich bil3afia....rabi3aaaan although i miss ur posts wayed bas i dont wanna be a 7anana ow i wanted u to be 100% 3ala goltich so tyt ow allah iwafgich bil derasa...ow a5eeeran allah la ya7rimich men mango inshallah ow i5aleekum 7ag ba3ath...

    in conclusion ..I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU and miss you like hell....

  4. nawarii: 7beebty mashkooora oo 7adiiii i miss u guys ;p oo eee bakil 0:) oo abaaai i need luck blmidterms ;p oo thnx for being understanding ;****

  5. yalla tyt i5thay ra7ich we dont want u to rush through a post
    :D Big Smile

  6. love ya: all i can say ya ;****

  7. KABOOOOOT!! i miss u!!!
    LooooL! wallah i luv ur random posts 7adhum ewansoon! o post whenever ur free no need to rush urself, ur already stressed by el midterms and i guess thats why u've been craving food!!!! and a5er shay..wanasaaaa u have a crush!!!! i never had a crush;/ wut does it fell like?! << haha yahel?!:p
    luv u:**

  8. khalid: hehehhehehee madry shard 3alaik lena madry shisafa ;p

    ticklish: thanx 7beeeebty oo misss uuuu 2222 !!!! oo abai the feeling 3ajeeeeeeeb when u have a crush...bsss yta3b ;p

  9. kiss: i soon as im free ;***

  10. heyyy!!
    take ur time 7abeebty, walhana 3ala ur story! be lazy as long as u want bas post randoms at least;p..
    minu el crush???... ya bakhtaa wallaah;p

    this is my blog
    muray 3alai;p

  11. hahahahaha kaboooot watch the foooooood!! ;P i have a complete craving for crepes and honey!!! kaaak 7altich mithil 7alti bil exams ;D i never start studying illa 1 week gabil loooool

  12. kaboot inshala u post ya3ni .. malaina we7na nan6er ! .. shelsalfa? 3ad gelna mashghooola bs mu laih hal daraja illy shahar matadren 3an laptopich!:p wee miss you so much :*

    - anon.:p haha

  13. please post :( !!! ..

  14. please postttt!!! why did you stop :(

  15. my mind cant stop thinking about the story pls pls plsss continue :(:(:(

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